How Cardano [ADA] shrugged off losses, extended growth hike across board

ADA’s price significantly increased as whale transactions reached a monthly peak. Holders of the last 30 days jumped into gains. After enduring a long period in red, Cardano [ADA] investors finally had their day of respite. At the time of writing, the native token of the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain registered a 9.14% uptick in the … Read more

Magic Eden Launches Bitcoin NFT Marketplace

Two months after the launch of the Ordinals project, Bitcoin NFTs continue to see increased adoption. Currently, there are over 568,000 inscriptions as more popular NFT projects jump on the Bitcoin chain to mint their unique collections. Now to aid with listing, purchasing, and selling these Ordinal NFTs, Magic Eden has launched a Bitcoin NFT … Read more

Sony Files Patent for Cross-Platform NFTs

This is a major play by Sony, which will allow for NFTs to be transferred across different games and consoles. It is no secret that Sony Interactive Entertainment is going big on non-fungible tokens (NFTs). However, news of Sony’s latest patent for transferable NFTs is causing much excitement in the industry.  Essentially, Sony has filed … Read more

Will Djed make the most of stablecoin turmoil? Here’s what the metrics say

Djed didn’t lose its USD peg during the recent turmoil in the stablecoin market, Djed’s TVL saw gains of 17% since the USDC depegging saga, Cardano’s [ADA] stablecoin Djed, which launched earlier this year, may soon expand to other layer-1 networks like BNB Chain [BNB] and Ethereum [ETH]. Read Cardano’s [ADA] Price Prediction 2023-24 The CEO of … Read more

Get Ahead of the Game with NFT Indexers: A Beginner’s Guide

NFT indexers are becoming increasingly popular among NFT collectors and traders, as they provide valuable information on the prices and availability of NFTs. In this article, we will discuss what NFT indexers are, how they work, and why they are essential for beginners to succeed in the world of NFTs. What are NFT indexers? NFT … Read more

Polygon and Immutable Collaborate to Accelerate Mainstream Web3 Gaming

Polygon and Immutable have teamed up to create a new network designed specifically for Web3 gaming. As a result, it’s anticipated to help bring gaming to the mainstream by providing a fast and secure solution that’s natively compatible with Ethereum. This partnership aims to develop Immutable zkEVM, a new Ethereum scaling network that will utilize … Read more

5 Reasons Why People Buy NFTs: Exploring the Attraction of Digital Assets

NFTs are unique tokens that represent ownership of digital assets, such as artwork, music or other collectibles. As demand for these assets continues to increase, more people are asking why people buy NFTs. In this article, we will explore the attraction to owning an NFT and why they have become so popular with collectors. We … Read more

Can Cardano [ADA] see a pullback to $0.3? Here’s why it’s possible

Disclaimer: The information presented does not constitute financial, investment, trading, or other types of advice and is solely the writer’s opinion The lower timeframe market structure has flipped bearish. A critical support level could see a bullish reversal. Cardano [ADA] was in a downtrend from 16 February to 11 March, but over the past ten … Read more

GALA Announces Lawsuit Against pNetwork

Gala holds pNetwork responsible for the loss of millions of dollars in damages, and a chunk of its reputation.  GALA is taking on pNetwork in court. The case will determine who is responsible for a multi-million dollar breach back in November 2021. In essence, pNetwork is a cross-chain bridge provider. In this particular case, pNetwork … Read more

Acclaimed Sega Game Designer Developing Virtua Fighter NFTs

After many voices of discontent from fans of Sega titles, it appears the gaming company will embark on developing its own Virtua Fighter NFTs. However, this endeavor will be undertaken by its former director, Yu Suzuki, even though Sega will own the IP for the project. This is according to a recent announcement where Suzuki … Read more