XCLUSIVERSE is Bringing the Future Closer by Offering Practical Solutions to Businesses

A product of consistent and advanced research, XCLUSIVERSE represents an extended reality that leverages on the wisdom of the future while opening a myriad of opportunities. It is also a leading cross-platform in the world defined by the 5X processes—Xtended Reality Platform, Xclusive Physical & Virtual Products & Services, Xtraordinary People, Xciting Interactions, and Xquisite … Read more

7 Steps to Do Your Own Research (DeFi)

Do Your Own Research — DYOR! Are you even in crypto if you haven’t heard this term? Well, it matters less right now, because we’ve broken down the simple steps to DYOR in this article below. How to Do Your Own Research In 2020, total DeFi TVL stood at ~$4.6 Billion. Today it is a … Read more

5 Crypto Extensions To Get You Started 2022/2023

Getting started on your crypto journey? These browser extensions come in handy. Metamask Arguably crypto’s biggest browser extension app, Metamask is home to a staggering 30 million unique users. The top multi-token Ethereum-based wallet connects users to over 3700 applications. Metamask for VENT is easy to set up. Get Metamask on Firefox on Chrome, Edge, … Read more

Six (6)Best Crypto Books to Get Started in 2022

Learn deeper. Sharpen your knowledge of crypto with these outstanding books. Digital Gold by Nathaniel Popper NYT author Nathaniel Popper lays the groundwork for the origin of Bitcoin. The 432-paged best-seller simplifies the understanding of cryptocurrency and its utility, using the case of Argentina’s peso journey since 2013. 2. The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchain … Read more

Phygital NFTs explained

Phygital NFTs, a portmanteau of physical and digital, are non-fungible tokens tied to physical items in some way. They represent a broad category of NFTs that enable blockchain developers to invent new ways of combining our physical and digital worlds. As a result, they open the doors to connect IRL experiences with all sorts of digital … Read more

The ZKC Industry Investment Theses

Occam_PR Nov 29 · 8 min read The Value Chain of ZK-everything Zero Knowledge Cryptography (ZKC) is among the most vital innovations in computer science over the last half century. Recent advances in ZKC research and technological stack have been instrumental in making the foundation of the future industry forming around the demand for computational … Read more

XRP NFTs Gain Popularity After One Piece Sells for $44,000

The XRP ledger, or Ripple, is known for many things but not for its NFTs. However, the platform recently gained notoriety within the NFT community after one of its XRP NFTs sold for $44,000. This is an impressive achievement for a platform that is trying to get its footing in the trending NFT space. The … Read more

Aeria Studio Canada Partners With Ready Games to Bring Web3 Titles to Android

Nov 29th – Aeria Games Canada, one of North America’s leading mobile publishers, is partnering with Ready Games to migrate its most successful titles to web3. The deal will see popular Aeria games enhanced with web3 features and re-released on Android. Aeria specializes in high quality mobile games, with 14 titles currently available in the … Read more

Rockstar Games Bans NFTs on GTA Third-Party Servers

Rockstar Games and its parent company Take-Two Interactive, makers of hugely successful games such as Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead and Max Payne is the latest gaming company to ban NFTs. The ban relates to GTA online third-party roleplay servers, which are independent of Rockstar and extend gameplay. This is despite their claim to encourage … Read more