Revuto To Launch First Token Sale On Cardano, How Will They Lead Its New Era

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Subscription manager Revuto will spearhead Cardano’s new era. On May 18th, this dApp will launch the first public token sale on this platform leading its entry into the next major milestone, decentralized finances (DeFi). Anyone can participate and reserve a spot on the sale by signing up for to their Whitelist. 

Revuto provides users with a simple solution to manage their subscriptions to certain services, such as Netflix, Microsoft, and others. Revuto reduces costs, has protection against hidden fees and free trial “traps”. 

The dApp has been backed by Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), the Charles Hoskinson-led company behind Cardano’s development, Beyondo, Manigo, Crobitcoin, 404, the Cardano community in Croatia, and NodeFactory. According to their roadmap, the public token sale will be their first step towards full deployment in Q3 and Q4 2021. 

Revuto has the objective of becoming a disrupting element in the subscription economy. The dApp will simplified intricate processes, get the most out of the most use subscriptions and cut them down on those with less usage. 

Revuto will have features that will enable users to approve, block, postpone or even snooze subscription and will give them power by tokenizing their most valuable data and personal information.

Revuto follows Cardano’s principles of decentralization and enhances user’s ability to make choices by providing them with a convenient way to manage their subscriptions. The dApp offer further benefits with REVU, its native token. 

Revuto Brings More Power To Cardano’s Community

After the deployment of their Proof-of-Stake blockchain in 2020, Cardano has undergone two major updates with Hard Fork Combinator events, “Mary” and “Allegra”. Thus, it has successfully lay the ground for the implementation of a smart contract platform called Plutus with the final HFC event “Alonzo”. 

Revuto leverages Cardano’s newest features, native and token locking, with REVU and offers users a way to obtain rewards, save money, and chose different payment methods. Equal to ADA in terms of security with the capacity to make fast and cost-efficient transactions, REVU will be part of a native wallet that will support Cardano’s native tokens. 

The wallet will allow consumers to benefit from cashbacks, the capacity to deposit Cardano-based native tokens, and preauthorize payments. As a bonus, consumers can add liquidity to Revuto’s protocol and stake its native token to receive more rewards. 

Moreover, REVU will be a governance token to support a community-based model that will enable participants to have a voice on the protocol’s future. 

Cardano’s smart contract capabilities seem poised to take the DeFi sector by storm. Its community is amongst the most active in the crypto space and are ready to drive the growth of their ecosystem. Revuto will be on the vanguard for the dawn of this new era. COO Vendran Vukman, Revuto’s COO, said the following about the first public token sale on Cardano and the opportunities it brings: 

Token sale will help us to build the dApp and the first Defi setup on the Cardano. With Revu people will have the opportunity to make their money work for them. The goal is to use REVU to pay less for your subscriptions and possibly to stake your REVU and forget about your recurring payments.

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