ADA Pay Continues to Grow, Now Offering an NFT Auction to Wolfram Alpha

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Jun 24 · 2 min read

As presented earlier today on the Cardano 360 show, we are happy to announce that our work with IOG and the Cardano Foundation continues to expand, and ADA Pay will now be used by Wolfram Alpha for an NFT auction.

Wolfram Blockchain Labs provides distributed ledger technology ecosystems with the tools necessary to assist in the development of a wide variety of smart, contract-based applications. Wolfram Blockchain Labs is the DLT-focused subsidiary of Wolfram Research, Inc., creator of Mathematica, Wolfram|Alpha and the Wolfram Language. Wolfram’s products are used by millions of people monthly. This project is Wolfram’s first foray into non-fungible tokens.

This partnership was made possible by the Cardano Foundation as part of Cardano’s NFT strategy. Before the introduction of ADA Pay, Cardano NFT auctions took place in Discord. With the innovation that ADA Pay introduces, bidding and paying with ADA is now streamlined — opening up the opportunity to bring NFT to the mainstream in the form of NFT marketplaces and auctions.

Core technology introduced:

  • ADA Payments for NFTs
  • Bidding and Auction mechanisms
  • Custody for auctioneers
  • Rapid balance analysis
  • New APIs

As Cardano’s NFT strategy continues to grow, ADA Pay will continue to scale up to support the growth. We’ll regularly keep our community up to date with product progress.

Joshua Miller, Commercial NFT Business Developer:

“Bringing COTI into the process for the Wolfram NFT Auction construction was something our team saw as a key component to defining success. By utilizing their ADA Pay capability, we are able to deliver the experience and quality Wolfram would want while still in the pre Goguen era. The components built and used to construct the Wolfram NFT Auction have laid the foundation for what we expect to see coming in the months ahead. We are absolutely pleased to be able to get these components out to the community and our partners with the experience of having implemented them ourselves”.

Greta Gawianski, Product Owner NFT Innovation Projects:

“We want to see more people and companies — like Wolfram — having the opportunity to adopt the benefits of this technology, and joining the Cardano ecosystem. For this scope, we are working on the development of different solutions to support and improve NFTs on Cardano, and this partnership with COTI is crucial to bring this product to life.”

Stay COTI!

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