Blockchain comics announces first NFT release

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Blockchain comics are due to release their first highly anticipated product in their comic metaverse Satoshi: Master of Disguise. Initially, an Avatar sale that sets the foundations for something much much bigger. Here’s a little background to wet the appetite…

Satoshi: Master of disguise

While centralized powers have cast a shadow of greed and despair over all walks of life, blockchain technology has become a burning light of hope for the few that know.

In downtown LA something is not right, the Special Enforcement Control chase a shadow. Declared an enemy of the state, Satoshi must tread carefully between hideouts. He has become … Satoshi: Master of disguise. Not only that, he’s been sighted all over the world, causing the lead detectives on the case to descend further into their already debauched lifestyle, desperate for a lead.  In the streets, whispers speak of The resistance, pushing back at the powers that be.  However, things are not quite what they seem. Real enemies lurk in the darkness forming plans to secure Satoshi’s downfall.

As Satoshi’s message spreads, the list of enemies grows, going all the way to the top. The dangers are real, the world is at stake, and Satoshi needs all the help he can get.  

What is Satoshi: Master of Disguise?

Satoshi: Master of Disguise is Blockchain Comic’s first offering of a new era of comic books. 10,000 avatar NFT’s are to be minted and sold to whitelisted buyers who have reserved a spot and then open to the public.  The avatars are made up of 185 properties with varying rarity in 6 distinctive categories. Ownership of the unique avatar NFT means the holder has creative and commercial rights to that Satoshi avatar. 

What sets Satoshi: Master of Disguise apart from other projects?

Unless you have been under a rock for the past 4 months, you’ll have noticed the explosion in the Non-Fungible Token market. Opensea alone has raked in over a quarter of a billion dollars since the beginning of 2021 and the surge in interest does not seem to be slowing.

Projects like: Bored Ape yacht club. Pudgy Penguins. Lazy Lions. Gutter cat gang and many more are popping up left right and center to capitalize on the hype. SMoD however has a trump card. Each of the layers of their avatars are minted separately then fused together to form the NFT. This opens up a world of utility.

Why should you care about Satoshi: Master of Disguise?

And this is where it gets very interesting. Immutable X is a Layer 2 Ethereum solution. NFT’s can be minted on the Ethereum chain using Immutable’s Zero-Knowledge proof method, for a fraction of a cent and with lightning-fast speed. It is the first Layer 2 protocol on Ethereum.

Moreover, with a partnership with Opensea currently brewing behind the scenes, it will be an absolute gamechanger in the NFT trading circuit. Think zero gas fees and instant transactions.. and then compute that with the trading volume on Opensea… and yes you are right, it’s big. But what it also means for Blockchain comics is the ability to provide utility to their avatar NFT’s like no other project in the space.

Being able to interact with a number of different smart contracts with no gas fees opens up endless possibilities. Not only that, they are offering something which no other comic book publisher is, an NFT interactive comic book.

So what is the takeaway?

For quite a while now the annoyance at insanely high Ethereum gas fees has been rattling the walls of the crypto community. It is not likely to go away any time soon, despite Ethereum’s upgrades. Other blockchain protocols; Solana, Ada, Binance Smart Chain etc have thrown their hats in the ring. But already security has been highlighted as an issue with some of these.

It’s easy to see the appeal of NFT’s in the wider scope of the Crypto and Blockchain space. It is a unique market after all, but with more traffic, comes the need for more scalability. Immutable X engine facilitates this. 9000 transactions per second, that’s over 600x more than Ethereum and other sidechains.

God’s unchained is another NFT project on Immutable X, and has already become very popular with the Immutable X community. This is only the beginning for NFT projects on Immutable X chain. Keep a close eye on Blockchain Comics and Satoshi: Master of Disguise, this could be the new age for comics and collectors alike, we are certainly expecting big things.  

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