NFT launchpad and Occelerator project Starly to hold IDO on OccamRazer

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Nov 24 · 2 min read

Starly, a brand new launchpad and marketplace for gamified NFT collections and an Occelerator incubator project, have announced that their $STARLY token will make its debut on OccamRazer on Dec. 08, 2021.

Through an influencer-driven NFT platform with social network elements, Starly will deliver gamification and ease-of-access to the rapidly expanding NFT space. The Starly platform will offer a guided NFT creation and generation tool which is as simple to use as uploading a photo to social media, with distribution and secondary market trading made similarly as seamless.

Starly have also created a formula which easily turns NFT collectibles into a special and exciting collectibles-based experience, adding a new layer of ‘playability’ and functionality to NFT artworks.

Starly provides three different membership tiers, silver, platinum, and gold, which brings $STARLY token holders varying levels of benefits within the platform. These include early access to new NFT drops, exclusive drops for tier members, referral links, exclusive merchandise, $STARLY token rebates, and much more.

Ilja Terebin, CEO of Starly, says:

“Although the NFT ecosystem is still in its infancy, projects are already becoming set in their ways. It’s hard to find true innovation from the same NFT issuing and reselling market. But at Starly, we’ve created something truly different, a platform where NFTs can be instantly minted, gamified, given rare status, and used as both part of a collection and as something users can enjoy.”

The $STARLY token is deflationary, with a decreasing burn each quarter over 2 years using profits generated from the Starly platform. With ‘Hall of Fame’ NFTs and ranked cards according to the common, rare, and legendary system used on in-game items, Starly will create plenty of opportunities for NFT collectors to build their rare stacks.

Elliot Hill, Head of Communications at, says:

“Bringing disruption to the NFT market is challenging, especially given the huge number of new projects launching daily in the space. However, with Starly’s unique gamified NFT user experience, I’m incredibly excited to see what ecosystem they build out. We look forward to their IDO on OccamRazer”

Starly has already attracted funding from top tier funds, and brought on leading advisors such as Marat Kichiknov, Managing Partner at the BitFury Group. Registration for Starly’s IDO will open on the OccamRazer launchpad shortly.

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