Meet the Prime Node — COTI’s new Community Node

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Nov 25 · 2 min read

We are happy to share that a new community node will be added, starting from December’s staking cycle: the Prime Node! The new node will go live on COTI’s MainNet on December 1st with 9M COTI staking capacity, which will bring the total staking volume to 160M $COTI!

The Prime Node is the 15th COTI Community node and the 22nd in total.

We continue to select TestNet operators who patiently await their turn to become the next MainNet node operators while knowing the demand is high.

The new node selection is hand-picked not only according to the length of their wait but most importantly to the nature of their activity and contribution to the network.

Prime is a long-time TestNet operator, who joined the COTI community back in 2018, and we are truly grateful for his devotion and dedication to COTI. We believe that Prime, after running a Test node for some time, is a valuable asset to the COTI node operator team, and wish him great success with his new MainNet node!

Here is what Prime had to say:

“It is with great privilege to be officially part of the COTINetwork TrustChain infrastructure. Ever since learning about COTI in 2018, I have become a big fan of COTI’s potential impact in the crypto world due to the unique combination of their Cryptographic Engineers, Software Developers, and the team of technically savvy Lawyers who work collectively as a team on a day-to-day basis to stay compliant with the ever-changing laws in cryptocurrencies.

Due to that fact, over the past years, I’ve been proudly witnessing the COTI Team grow from a small company to becoming an essential Key player to one of the biggest Crypto protocols in the space. I truly believe that the best has yet to come and I will continue to witness its evolution as a MainNet Node Operator. Thank you everyone for your support and continue to StayCOTI.”

The Staking 3.0 participation demand remains very high and we receive application requests at a very high pace. Following COTI’s Growth Plan, the Treasury will gradually replace our Staking 3.0 program, allowing users to tailor their own program according to their personal preferences.

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