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We are pleased to continually keep you informed about updates on Djed’s progress and development. Since our last update, the IOG and COTI development teams have been working relentlessly. Here is a breakdown of updates and developments done in the past few weeks:

  • Extensive script optimizations to increase throughput have been carried out, which helped to cut down more than 60% of the execution budget (fees).
  • The $ADA exchange rate acquisition module has been updated to consider at least 6 external sources for redundancy and security reasons. The exchange rate will be updated on the blockchain only when 3 out of the 6 external sources have responded reasonably.
  • We improved our capabilities to test and deploy new versions. Currently, 80% of the test objectives have been implemented to automatically test the Djed smart contracts and Plutus backend applications (PAB). This will result in a better and faster development and release cycle.
  • The on-chain code has been finalized with reference to audit mediations and we are now waiting for the final audit report.

Business Development Updates:

In the past few weeks, we have announced four new partnerships to explore Djed integration opportunities:

  • WingRiders, an automated market maker DEX built on top of Cardano.
  • JaraNetwork, an Open Finance Portal.
  • Cardano Warriors, a Massive Multiplayer Onchain Role-Playing Game built on Cardano.
  • Cogito Protocol, a spin-off from SingularityNET, a multichain, decentralized AI platform.

What’s next?

The off-chain code and specific libraries to synchronize and converse with cardano-node are currently being updated to properly handle Cardano node version 1.35.x on the private testnet environment. Since some changes in the PAB occurred, there’s a need to update the proxy and the UI accordingly.

After implementing all the updates, a test run will be carried out to ascertain that everything works as expected. Once the test run is completed, it’ll be deployed to public testnet.

We are waiting for the final audit results to see if any critical issues are discovered. If there are no issues, we will go ahead to deploy on mainnet.

As you already know, we have high standards when it comes to security and quality, and we are working to ensure we maintain these standards. We will continue to keep you updated on new developments, stay tuned.

Stay COTI!

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