Part 2: Your Role as a VENT Ambassador

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Hello again! Super glad you got to read part 1 of the VENT Ambassador guides — we cherish those claps 👏! As you already know, in Part 1 we listed the ambassador program timeline and covered 13 benefits for ambassadors.

Haven’t read it yet? Read Part 1 here.

There’s been a good turn of entries so far — hundreds! We hope you’ve been able to register. If you haven’t, you can quickly register here.

Our part 2 will cover the five key roles of the VENT Ambassador program. Each of these roles comprises a unique–and sometimes overlapping, set of responsibilities for interested participants.

Before we dive into role explanation, lets learn what the VENT Ambassador program aims to achieve.

What is the Vent Ambassador Program?

The Vent Ambassador Program is a social engagement program that adds value to community members who believe in the vision of VENT and are passionate about the crypto space. We are looking for individuals who can leverage their passion and create ideas and marketing support that drive brand, product, and business awareness for VENT.

What will the VENT Ambassador Program achieve?

A closely-knit progressive community, VENT believes, is at the heart of every successful DeFi project. The VENT Ambassador Program reaches across continents to create close connections amongst the community’s most active members. For VENT, success means helping participants gain valuable personal skills while effectively spreading awareness of the VENT ecosystem.

How does the VENT Ambassador Program work?

The VENT Ambassador program consists of five social roles. All ambassadors (sometimes referred to as participants) will be grouped according to these roles and can take up as many roles as possible. The roles are:

  • Content creators
  • Social Media Warriors
  • Regional KoLs
  • Project Scouters
  • Local Community Managers

Content Creators ✍

Best suited for trendy creatives, the content creator role entails creating, publishing, sharing and interacting with content relevant to the VENT ecosystem. Content cuts across all forms — audio, video and text — and can be used across social platforms to attract valuable engagement for VENT.

VENT welcomes fresh ideas on how to achieve content engagements.

Social Media Warriors ⚔

Social Media (SM) Warriors are ambassadors adept with the trend and functionality of multiple social media platforms. SM Warriors will generate brand awareness for VENT across their chosen social media platform. Specific tasks for SM warriors include:

  • Like, Retweet and Comment about VENT on Twitter
  • Create social media engagement actions, i.e. promoting VENT while interacting with other pages
  • Create social media content to increase VENT brand awareness
  • Engage with a list of accounts on different social media platforms
  • Promote links and tweets shared by the team

Note: a minimum of 100 followers on Twitter is necessary to be a Vent Social Media Warrior.

For Twitter monthly KPI, we look for tractions, tweet activity and engagements.

Regional KOLs 🌐

Regional Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) play a pivotal role in promoting the crypto industry. Under the VENT ambassador program, participants will be responsible for managing a unit circle of regional KOLs. Ambassadors will source, network and engage with KOLs and provide the VENT team with accompanying leads and audits. Your specific tasks will include:

  • Research KOLs
  • Build KOL network
  • Audit KOLs
  • Update KOL network activity on Notion.

Successful KOL managers will ideally establish valuable KOLs under their network, whose activities generate convertible leads for VENT.

Project Scouts 🐽

Project scouts are responsible for finding quality projects or ideas to bring to the Vent Launchpad. VENT offers both fundraising support and project development guidance for new projects. Project scouts will be the eyes and ears of VENT, helping to introduce new projects and collating relevant project data for the VENT due diligence process.

A successful project scout will work towards the listing of their referral project. A minimum of 1–2 qualified leads, with at least a converted lead, is the ideal KPI for each project scouter. Specific tasks for scouts include:

  • Research and refer projects.
  • Complete VENT project research profile.
  • Update progress on project referral track list (to be provided by VENT).

Local Community Managers 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧

VENT is always looking for ways to expand its DeFi community across cultures and continents. Local Community Managers (LCMs) will help make this happen by finding, interacting and connecting with locals who will become part of the VENT ecosystem. LCMs help onboard and satisfactorily engage new and existing crypto users into VENT by sharing experiences and providing support. LCMs are also welcome to propose better ways of engagement for community growth. Other specific tasks of Local Community Managers include:

  • Service as VENT Community Manager / Moderator in our local communities and on platforms like Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and others.
  • Moderating VENT local communities, translating and sharing translated posts/tweets/announcements to the community.
  • Engaging with the community for all forms of feedback.
  • Preparing a weekly community engagement report highlighting issues raised and questions answered.

As part of KPI, VENT will conduct a periodic community review to assess community growth and engagement levels.

⚠️Kindly note:

1. All ambassadors may often have similar and overlapping tasks.

2. Creativity and active participation are at the heart of all VENT ambassadorial tasks.

3. VENT will provide all the necessary support to help ambassadors perform their tasks.

4. These roles are not exhaustive as VENT is always open to new ideas and positive ways of collaborating as an ambassador.

Completing the ambassador tasks successfully and achieving consistency and involvement earns you the rank of a Senior Ambassador.

Head of Ambassadors is the apex role for ambassadors. At that level, ambassadors will stay in close connection with the VENT team and are expected to be knowledgeable about VENT, show leadership skills, be creative, and devoted and leave a positive impact on the community.

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Still Got Questions?

Read the part one for details about the ambassador program schedule and how you can benefit as an ambassador.

For other enquiries, please reach out to VENT on Twitter, Discord or Telegram (see link below). Alternatively, you send us a mail-

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