Cardano’s over 20% dip can be attributed to this factor

Given the condition of the market on 4 December, it makes absolute sense for what is happening with Cardano. Well, interestingly Cardano is up with a lot of things on its network. Are Cardano investors done for good? Yes, the broader market is dipping. However, Cardano cannot hold this one instance alone as the reason … Read more

Considering Cardano’s performance, it is ideal to wait for this to happen before investing

Once the third biggest cryptocurrency, Cardano‘s recent performance turned out to be far below expectations,  to say the least. As the month of November is nearly over and so is 2021, looking at the market doesn’t reveal a rosy picture for Cardano, in fact far from it. To choose or not to choose Cardano? Cardano … Read more

Cardano needs to break this resistance to ensure recovery and surge ahead

Cardano has just the opportunity to either justify the rising hopes of its investors as they stand hopeful for much-needed relief. Or it could fail to do so and go back to disappointing. The difference is of just a line and Cardano’s closing position today will determine its performance tomorrow. Cardano is back After being … Read more

An altseason incoming or will another Bitcoin ATH come into play

Bitcoin is the king coin. As is often the case, its subjects (altcoins) are usually dependent on its own decisions (price movements). However, over the last 3 months, these altcoins have been gathering some momentum of their own.  Is the altseason REALLY here? The altcoin season or altseason is calculated on the basis of the … Read more

Cardano v. Binance Coin – Why the battle for the third spot is still in the air

As is the case with every currency, asset, security, stock, metal, bank, and whatnot, the market is always in constant competition. Competition from powerful dominators, competition from emerging underdogs. There is no room for slowing down. And with cryptocurrencies, it’s much worse. Since, unlike traditional markets, crypto markets trade 24/7, assets and investors alike are … Read more

Will Cardano push past this phase to see greener pastures

Cardano was in a state of euphoria for most parts this year. In fact, the hype around smart contracts was such that it led to the altcoin rising by 185% in 2 months, which marked the new all-time high. However, this month particularly has been disappointing and it is now turning harmful for investors.  Cardano … Read more

Taking stock of Cardano’s price movement right now

Cardano became one of the most in-demand coins this year owing to all the hype surrounding its network developments and the arrival of smart contracts. But as soon as they arrived, the Cardano market has slowed down. Even though most of the crypto market rallied this month, ADA didn’t. This is where it gets concerning. … Read more

Can Cardano and its ‘tree plan’ revive its price and performance

Cardano recently joined the bandwagon of smart contracts enabled blockchains. The price since then has seen many ups and downs but at the moment it is pretty much not moving at all. So in order to kick off the price movement, Cardano has taken up a new initiative. But will it work for sure? Why … Read more

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Cardano – How did these cryptos fare in the ETP market

Digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum have seen a stellar rise in terms of adoption and user base over the past few months. However, the month of September did not contribute much to this growth. In fact, last month broke some trends and created history in some other ways. Bitcoin’s dominance dropped and altcoin favoritism … Read more

What to expect from Cardano’s ‘djed’ step towards decentralization

Cardano was in the news over the weekend after a multitude of developments made headlines during Cardano Summit 2021. However, it can be argued that one of them made the most headlines. IOHK, the company behind Cardano’s development, has announced that the network’s stablecoin will be issued by the COTI platform. This newest piece in … Read more