Cardano’s February release promises a lot, but will there be more to come

The Cardano network had faced several congestion issues last month when major decentralized applications (dApps) had rolled out on the network. However, it has since shown accelerated efforts towards fixing these scalability issues. It recently revealed a roadmap that is “focused on performance optimization and scalability”. And, it appears to be moving on time, with … Read more

How SundaeSwap’s community governance plans can benefit Cardano

Cardano‘s native decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) SundaeSwap has not had an easy start, with several hardships strewn across its way from the beginning. The DEX continues to brave on, however, as it has now laid out the route for it to become a fully decentralized platform through community governance. This, days after its Initial Stake … Read more

Cardano’s Hoskinson: ‘It is just hurtful, unfair, and not at all a partisan thing’

There are always new twists and turns in the SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple Labs. One aspect that keeps resurfacing concerns comments made by the SEC’s former Director of Corporation Finance William Hinman. In a 2018 speech, Hinman had opined that Ether is not a security. While Ripple has continued to use this point to reiterate … Read more

Here’s how Cardano has the edge over its competitors in terms of staking

The world’s first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was envisioned and designed to follow a Proof-of-Work mechanism for transactions to go through, It was evident early on that this wasn’t sustainable for the environment in the long term. Most of the newer blockchains have thus opted for a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm, which allows for all participants to partake … Read more

Here’s why AI companies are betting on Cardano for long-term gains

The Cardano network’s heightened development over the past few months has been marked with several important partnerships. Among them is also the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), a sector that can benefit greatly from blockchains. According to AI researcher Dr. Ben Goertzel, Cardano’s development arm IOHK is ‘very thorough and careful’ when it comes to … Read more

Cardano: SundaeSwap announces Reverse ISO proposal and here’s what it means

Even as Cardano‘s much-hyped decentralized exchange (DEX) SundaeSwap suffered a patchy launch last month, a resurgence in its popularity has also been marked by an expansion of the protocol’s ecosystem. With its Initial Stake Offering (ISO) coming to an end this week, albeit not in the manner expected, the DEX has now introduced a unique … Read more

Double or not, Cardano’s new bounty program is also indicative of this

Cardano‘s blockchain has seen some rapid development over the past couple of months. Mainly owing to the launch of decentralized applications and accelerated adoption. However, security continues to remain a concern for the network, especially considering the threats most blockchains are constantly under. In fact, billions have already been lost across cryptocurrency and DeFi exploits … Read more

Cardano wallets see 1348% growth in past year; cross 3 million milestone

After receiving bouts of extensive criticism for a lack of development, the Cardano network has started to dominate headlines once again for more positive news. This is due to an acceleration in the launch of smart contract-based applications on the platform, along with ecosystem-wide changes in the network itself. This surge in development activity has … Read more

Liquidity protocol ADAX launched on Cardano mainnet, several dApps in pipeline

Blockchain network Cardano is hitting back at criticism for its lack of development activity since smart contract integration was first launched last year. This is not through words, but an acceleration in decentralized application (dApp) development on the platform. The latest to join Cardano’s DeFi ecosystem is ADAX, as the decentralized exchange announced its mainnet … Read more

How Cardano is evolving its smart contract infrastructure ahead of dApp launches

Cardano is fueling considerable buzz in the cryptocurrency space once again. Courtesy of not just its native token ADA, which rallied by 36.8% over the past week, but also the developments surrounding its evolving ecosystem. As decentralized applications (dApps) finally begin to launch on the smart contract platform, its developers are working towards strengthening its … Read more