Playboy Suffers $4.9 Million Loss On NFT Payments

A recent filing to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) indicates that Playboy suffered a significant loss following a drop in the value of payments received for its NFTs. The losses result from the Ether (ETH) the company received after selling its “Rabbitars” NFTs. These non-fungible tokens were launched back in 2021, when the … Read more

NFTs Used to Serve Court Papers in Victory Against Hackers

A hacking victim has submitted court papers as NFTs and won the case. The ruling took place last week, where the plaintiff, who goes by the name Rangan Bandyopadhyay, lost almost $1 million in USDT in a hacking scheme back in December 2021. The perpetrators of the crime remain anonymous; however, according to the plaintiff’s … Read more

Pokémon Seeks to Establish Itself in Web3 by Hiring an Expert

A new job listing suggests Pokémon might be seeking to establish itself in the fast-developing Web3 space. The company behind the popular Nintendo video game series recently posted a listing for a Corporate Development Principal. The successful candidate will advise the company’s leadership on how they can explore new innovations. That said, the individual needs … Read more

Chinese Member Of Parliament Proposing NFT Regulation at ‘Two Sessions’

Feng Qiya, a Chinese member of parliament, is set to propose an NFT regulation framework during an upcoming political gathering. Two Sessions serves as one of the most important annual political gatherings in China, and this year’s event will feature a special discussion about digital collectibles. According to a local report, Feng will specifically propose … Read more

AI Artist Claire Silver To Showcase NFT Collection At Louvre

As traditional art museums continue to embrace the emerging digital art space, the upcoming Louvre exhibition will feature a special guest. Claire Silver, an artist that employs AI across her NFT projects, will showcase her latest collection at the Louvre Museum in Paris on March 21. This is according to a Variety report seen at … Read more

Immutable X Joins Forces With Mineloader To Develop Guild Of Guardians

ImmutableX has announced a partnership with Mineloader, one of the leading Web2 game development studios. Together, they aim to bring forth the much anticipated Web3 RPG game, Guild of Guardians. Mineloader doesn’t require an introduction to gaming fans, as it’s the studio behind some top AAA titles such as Final Fantasy VII Remake and The … Read more

Galaxy Digital Predicts the Bitcoin NFT Market Might Hit $4.5 Billion

A recent study by Galaxy Digital has tipped the Bitcoin NFT marketplace to hit $4.5 billion in market cap in the next two years. This is due to the growing interest among the NFT community to inscribe/mint various types of data on Satoshis, the smallest unit of a Bitcoin. Data from Dune Analytics shows that … Read more

Emmy-winning Baobab Studios Launches An Ethereum NFT Collection

Baobab Studios, which is backed by Disney and has won nine Emmy Awards for various short films and virtual reality (VR) experiences, has launched an NFT collection based on Ethereum. This is according to an official statement made on Thursday. The studio has opted to explore Web3 to discover how NFTs can engage users and … Read more

Unity Adds Web3 Developer Tools To Accelerate Blockchain Gaming Development

Blockchain gaming development may have slowed down over the past year, but things are about to change. This is after Unity added 13 Web3 developer tools designed to aid builders in the blockchain space. The integrations can be found on the Unity Asset Store, the gaming giant’s online store, where developers can purchase and download … Read more