Bitcoin Price Outlook for 2023: Bulls vs Bears

The year 2022 has been challenging not only for Bitcoin but for the cryptocurrency market as a whole. Bitcoin, the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world, has seen a decline in its market value of about 65% over the entire year, leaving the crypto community reminiscent of the ‘good old days’. Fans of cryptocurrencies and … Read more

eSports Platform Moxy Launches $100K Beta Challenge

Moxy, a blockchain-powered eSports gaming marketplace, has launched its “eSports for ALL” Beta Challenge. The challenge invites gamers to compete in eSports-style gaming for a prize pool containing Moxy tokens, collectibles, and $100,000 in cash. For Moxy, the exciting Beta Challenge is a critical milestone in their road map. Through the challenge, the eSports platform … Read more

The Top 10 Anime PFP NFT Projects

Unless you’ve been entirely disconnected from pop culture news for the past two years, you’ve likely heard about NFTs. They’ve gained so much popularity that, in 2021, nearly $41 billion worth of cryptocurrency was spent on the NFT marketplace, with that number since increasing with the help of Anime PFP NFTs. What’s so cool about this art … Read more

Orange Comet & AMC Release Mayfair Witches Passes, the Next Phase of the Immortal Universe, Minting March 7

Orange Comet and AMC will release the next collection in Anne Rice’s Immortal Universe with the official Mayfair Witches Pass, minting March 7 @ 11am PT / 2pm ET on OpenSea. The established partnership between the network and NFT studio continues to grow and enhance Rice’s darkly complex world of vampires, witches and all things … Read more

Heads Up! Web3’s Most Anticipated Game – WILDCARD – Is About To Crash Into The Metaverse

Wildcard has made quite a name for themselves since last June when they shared the news of their $46M project funded by Paradigm VC. Wildcard has amassed a growing 30K+ Discord community and is one of the most anticipated Web3 gaming projects of 2023. What’s it all about? What Is Wildcard? To understand the game, … Read more

Colin Helm, CEO of CaesarVerse, On Disrupting Gamefi with an Educational Roman Metaverse MMO

We speak with Colin Helm, CEO and founder of and Bldng Blck Studios. Colin began his entrepreneurial journey by starting his first startup while studying entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado Boulder. Since then, he has held marketing roles at several startups, including DeFiner, a decentralized lending platform and Poliloop, a biotech company focused … Read more

Philippines First NFT Resort will be in Siargao Island, Giving Holders Exclusive Perks

What is Siargao Villa NFT? Air Media NFT Group, an end-to-end Web3 NFT Marketing Studio, has successfully tied up with G Villas Siargao to transform it into the very first Web3 Resort using NFTs.  It’s a community-owned project fractionalized into rewarding timeshare (RTS) NFTs, transforming the way investors build their diversified portfolio, with access to … Read more

Magic Eden’s Fake NFT Listing Shows Need for Better Authentication

Just four days into the New Year and the NFT market had suffered its first bit of reputational damage in 2023, an exploit allowing scammers tosell fake NFTs as part of popular verified collections on the Magic Eden marketplace. As the saying goes: the more things change, the more they stay the same. Frustrated users … Read more

Meet the New Era of Play-to-Earn Games

Video games have captured our attention for over half a century. Almost every decade has featured exciting innovations in the industry, from game cartridges in the 70s and 8-bit graphics in the 80s to HD games in the 2000s and mobile games in the 2010s. This decade’s contribution is blockchain-based play-to-earn (P2E) games. They’re already … Read more