Cardano: Why ADA traders could consider this loss as a saving grace

Cardano [ADA] recorded a new lowest realized value as indications of being an undervalued asset reappeared. According to Santiment, ADA last recorded such in January 2019. Interestingly, the ADA price doubled after the 2019 low position.  đź“Š #Cardano now sits at its lowest relative position compared to its realized value since Jan, 2019. This is … Read more

Cardano: Can Vasil’s arrival on 29 June, further ADA’s 37% rally

Cardano is preparing itself for the second biggest update in its history after the Alonzo hard fork. Vasil matters a lot to the entire Cardano ecosystem because it will add true meaning to investors’ faith in HODling. Cardano to make a comeback? The blockchain has always been a DeFi-centric chain, which is why right up … Read more

Cardano: Analyzing ADA’s case as an excellent multibagger candidate

Cardano, over the weeks, has motivated and destroyed investors’ dreams alike as the coin almost shot up by 55% a few weeks ago, and now it is back to where it was two months ago. However, there are now some indications of tides changing in favor of the altcoin. Cardano to start rallying again? According … Read more

Cardano [ADA]: A further recovery may be on the cards thanks to this…

Cardano seems to be returning to the level of demand it had before the altcoin suffered a terrible crash. The last few weeks have been particularly helpful in bringing back the community to ADA led by the biggest holders and influencers in the Cardano community – its whales. Cardano whales egging on the rally Since … Read more

Cardano, its whales, and what they can do to push it to $1

After its month-long movement under the line, Cardano is now getting back up closer towards the $1-mark. Having depreciated significantly over the last few months, ADA was trading at $0.905 at press time. Even so, optimism remains high, especially since the altcoin recovered by 12.87% over the last 4 days.  Cardano candles turn green In … Read more

Cardano: Up by 8%, the full story behind ADA’s latest hike is…

In this recovering market, every altcoin seems to be doing pretty well, including Cardano. However, even though it might be trending north over the last 24 hours or so, the bigger picture for this cryptocurrency might not change anytime soon. Cardano in a rally, but not for long? While the exchange and derivates front is … Read more