Cardano: Can Vasil’s arrival on 29 June, further ADA’s 37% rally

Cardano is preparing itself for the second biggest update in its history after the Alonzo hard fork. Vasil matters a lot to the entire Cardano ecosystem because it will add true meaning to investors’ faith in HODling. Cardano to make a comeback? The blockchain has always been a DeFi-centric chain, which is why right up … Read more

Cardano [ADA] investors should know this before they hail Hoskinson

#include <stdio.h>int main() {// printf() displays the string inside quotationprintf(“Hello, World!”);return 0;} A gay face upon reading this will be quite literally acceptable- This was a useless coding attempt at saying “Hello, World!” on the screen in C programming or to the Cardano community. You ask, what is the reason for saying ‘Hello’ to the … Read more

Cardano [ADA] celebrates this in silence as TVL bloodbath raises eyebrows

The Cardano community was already euphoric after the recent announcement of the Vasil Hard Fork launch date. But they now have another reason to celebrate as Cardano “reached another interoperability milestone”. The news came after the “lagon Ethereum-Cardano” bridge went live in a beta version.  As explained by the IAGON team, the purpose-made token bridge … Read more

Cardano’s on-chain metrics reveal where ADA holders can book profit

While the world prepares for the Vasil Hard fork, a much-anticipated event set for next month, people seem to be taking their attention away from what Cardano is today in the excitement of what it can be tomorrow. Cardano is on the verge of change? A similar shift in sentiments was noted back in August … Read more

Cardano’s [ADA] trading takeaway ahead of Vasil hard fork

With some coins and tokens swimming in the red while others are still green, it can be hard to find your bearings and know when the tide might turn next. To that end, here are what the signs had to say about Cardano [ADA]. And the cards say… At press time, ADA was trading at … Read more

Analyzing how ADA might respond to Cardano’s much-awaited Vasil hardhork

Ahead of the upcoming Vasil testnet that is to launch in early June 2022, Cardano published an encouraging update. The network reported a strong foundation with many new projects planned out with Fund9 that are to be launched. Cardano recently posted their Weekly Development Report to inform users about the ongoing development updates. The report … Read more

Cardano’s fortune-telling has some tips for ADA sweethearts

Disclaimer: The findings of the following analysis are the sole opinions of the writer and should not be considered investment advice. Grand promises on the left but an amateur hour on the right, this is a usual complaint most ADA holders have been having for over eight months now. It should be noted here that … Read more

Cardano [ADA] investors should know that the whales have been actively…

Cardano tanked its value again as the period of turmoil continues well into May. ADA dropped to a new low on 19 May when it declined by around 10% to $0.507. At the height of the Terra debacle, Cardano suffered along with the rest of the crypto market. On 12 May, Cardano crashed to $0.47 … Read more

ADA holders perplexed as network clings to ‘hard work’ narrative with new…

Cardano’s promise of being ‘The DeFi Chain’ is nothing new under the sun, however, this promise may not be fulfilled anytime soon. Now, while the Cardano community is busy trying luck in the DeFi game, Cardano seems to be losing its faithful long-term investors. Cardano and long-term holders Cardano’s investors have been very loyal to … Read more