What is the difference between decentralized and distributed blockchain?

Cardanians.io (CRDNS pool) Feb 28 · 10 min read · Right at the beginning of this article, I can tell you that most blockchain networks are both decentralized and distributed. So why make a distinction between the two terms? Moreover, when their definitions partially overlap each other. The two provide different functions. Understanding them will … Read more

Bitcoin [BTC] bears keep the faith as short funds see $10M inflows: Report

Short-Bitcoin investment products saw inflows last week. Bitcoin logged its third-consecutive week of outflows. In a new report, digital asset investment firm CoinShares found that the negative sentiments lingering in the digital assets market culminated in a third consecutive week of outflows for Bitcoin [BTC] as investors shifted their attention to short investment products last … Read more

Do you want NFTs on Bitcoin?

Cardanians.io (CRDNS pool) Feb 19 · 9 min read · The strongest narrative for Bitcoin is that of digital gold. Bitcoin has been seen as a project that can only do one thing well. Its development is supposed to be conservative. One single developer was able to change everything. His Ordinals project will allow NFTs … Read more

Interest in digital assets unabated with multiple weeks of consecutive inflows: Report

Digital asset investment products logged the fourth week of consecutive inflows last week. There has been a significant increase in investments in short-bitcoin, indicating that a substantial number of investors remain uncertain about the future trajectory of the market. Inflows into digital asset investment products totaled $76 million last week, bringing the fourth consecutive week … Read more

Can Bitcoin start competing with smart contract platforms?

Cardanians.io (CRDNS pool) Jan 27 · 11 min read · It is said that Bitcoin’s mission is to become the digital gold or money of the internet. Thus, Bitcoin does not directly compete with smart contract platforms such as Ethereum or Cardano. The platforms allow third-party developers to build financial and other applications. Many experts … Read more

Let’s be patient about the adoption of blockchain technology

Cardanians.io (CRDNS pool) Jan 24 · 9 min read · Cryptocurrency adoption is largely driven by speculation and the vision of getting rich quickly. This is unfortunate from a technology perspective, as the utility of blockchain networks may have little to do with high volatility and market sentiment. Solving real problems is the reason to … Read more

Bitcoin, Cardano, Shiba Inu post gains, but there’s more than meets the eye

The crypto market rallied significantly in the last 24 hours. Short traders have seen the most liquidation.  In the last 24 hours, the global cryptocurrency market capitalization grew by over 5%, per data from CoinGecko. For the first time post-FTX collapse, Bitcoin [BTC] traded above the $21,000 price mark, while leading altcoin Ethereum [ETH] changed … Read more

Is the Process of Purchasing Crypto and NFTs Complicated

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency created in 2009 by a programmer called Satoshi Nakamoto. Today it remains the most popular and valuable digital currency across the world with a market cap of over $846 billion. This revolutionary currency has enabled people to store and transfer funds in a decentralized, trustless environment — paving the way … Read more

Is Bitcoin still antifragile?

Cardanians.io (CRDNS pool) Nov 4 · 16 min read · It’s healthy to constantly question the narrative. We must constantly question whether what was true a few years ago is still true in light of new events. It is treacherous to freeze in the past and insist on something that has not been true for … Read more

Blockchain needs users, not speculators

Cardanians.io (CRDNS pool) Oct 7 · 14 min read · Adoption is the alpha and omega of success for any blockchain project. Every blockchain needs native coins to manage its network security budget. People have started speculatively buying these coins and holding them in their wallets. Not all, but many of these people are just … Read more