Cardano Active Addresses Increased by Over 200% Despite ADA Price Slip

The active address count on the Cardano network increased by more than 200% this month. The number currently stands at 191,500, though it peaked at 485,000 towards the tail end of November. Sponsored Sponsored The number of active addresses on Cardano has jumped by more than 25% in November 2021, according to data from Messari. … Read more

eToro Exchange Cuts Back on Cardano and TRON Offerings for US Customers

Crypto exchange eToro released a statement indicating that it is limiting support for Cardano (ADA) and TRON (TRX) positions and discontinuing staking for its U.S. customers. Sponsored Sponsored Starting Dec 26, 2021, U.S. users on the eToro platform will not be able to open new positions on ADA or TRX, and staking for both assets … Read more

Crypto Asset Inflows Continue on a Hot Streak Despite Fall in Bitcoin Prices

In the fourteenth consecutive week of crypto inflows, investments in digital asset-based products amounted to $154 million. Sponsored Sponsored This figure puts it roughly on par with last week, despite bitcoin continuing to struggle, falling 12% since then. However, bitcoin-based products continued to see a majority of the inflows, which amounted to $114 million. This … Read more

COTI to Issue New Stablecoin on Cardano Network

COTI introduced a new algorithmic stablecoin called Djed for Cardano this weekend in an effort to expand decentralized finance (DeFi) on the network. Sponsored Sponsored The Djed stablecoin was announced at a Cardano Summit in Wyoming on Sept 26 by IOHK founder Charles Hoskinson. The enterprise-grade fintech platform COTI will be the official issuer of … Read more

Cardano 2021 Summit Set to Wow Crypto Fans

Upcoming Cardano Summit excites fans with announcements of virtual worlds, limited edition NFTs, and exciting new partnerships. Sponsored Sponsored State-of-the-Art hybrid crypto event to take place on six continents In what is being dubbed “The Biggest Blockchain Event Ever”, the Cardano Summit 2021 is set to wow crypto fans with a combination of virtual and … Read more

Cardano Smart Contract Upgrade Successfully Deployed But ADA Dumps

The highly anticipated smart contract upgrade for Cardano has finally been deployed, though the price of its native ADA token has dumped today. Sponsored Sponsored InputOutputHK, the company behind Cardano, posted an update in the early hours of Sept 13 reporting that the Alonzo upgrade has been successfully deployed. The stated “The Alonzo upgrade is … Read more

Cardano Smart Contracts to Hit Public Testnet on Sept 12

Cardano will see smart contracts launch on the public testnet on Sept 12, bringing the much-anticipated upgrade to the public. Sponsored Sponsored Input-Output Hong Kong (IOHK), the development team behind Cardano, announced that the smart contract upgrade will launch on the public testnet on Sept 12. The company tweeted on Sept 7 that the Cardano … Read more

Everything ‘Green and Go,’ Says Hoskinson on Alonzo Upgrade

“Everything’s green and go, we’re on schedule,” Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson said of the Alonzo upgrade in a recent vlog post. Sponsored Sponsored In the update, Hoskinson said his team had just concluded their “go/no-go” meeting on the whole infrastructure of the Alonzo upgrade. Hoskinson described how 25 stakeholders went through a “huge checklist of … Read more

Cardano to Launch ERC-20 Converter on Testnet Next Week

Cardano will launch an ERC-20 token converted to migrate assets from Ethereum to Cardano and vice versa. The feature will launch on the testnet next week. Sponsored Sponsored In a new video posted by IOHK, Cardano announced that it would launch an ERC-20 converter to bring Ethereum assets to Cardano’s testnet. The test will happen … Read more

Cardano’s Regulatory Compliance is ‘Bad Idea All Round’ Says Weiss Crypto

Weiss Crypto has spoken out about Cardano’s drive to achieve regulatory approval for its ADA token, and the firm does not approve. Sponsored Sponsored On August 25, ratings firm Weiss Crypto posted a lengthy tweet on Cardano’s recent controversial partnership with Coinfirm, labeling the move as disappointing. On August 24, the Cardano Foundation integrated Coinfirm’s … Read more