Cardano Crowned June’s Most Developed Project Ahead of Vasil Upgrade

Cardano is receiving record amounts of money to its GitHub page as developers prepare their applications for new functions. On-chain statistics show that the project touched 13,003 GitHub Commits in June, making Cardano the top project in development activity in the last 30 days. Peak development activity data comes shortly after the Vasil upgrade was hard … Read more

Paris Hilton and Cardano Founder Fund Efforts to Resurrect Mammoths

Paris Hilton and Charles Hoskinson, founder and leader of Cardano (ADA), have invested in Colossal. It is a startup that aims to resurrect the Mammoth. The prehistoric animal is long dead, however DNA still exists, which makes the idea of bringing the giant creature back to life tantalizingly possible. Sponsored Sponsored Paris Hilton, Hoskinson, and … Read more

Taking stock of Cardano’s price movement right now

Cardano became one of the most in-demand coins this year owing to all the hype surrounding its network developments and the arrival of smart contracts. But as soon as they arrived, the Cardano market has slowed down. Even though most of the crypto market rallied this month, ADA didn’t. This is where it gets concerning. … Read more

Cardano could ‘once again blast off’ when THIS happens

Cardano made a good 5% jump after the announcement of its addition to Grayscale’s portfolio. But all this bullish chaos did not dictate the price movement since within the last week ADA fell by almost 10%. Which brings us to the question – Will Cardano ever be as huge as its competitors? Should you expect … Read more

Analyst on Cardano: You have to be very careful of that

Cardano has been a consistently trending altcoin for a while now. Reasons can range from the coin being a potential “Ethereum killer” to different upgrades that contribute to the network’s growth. But when its recent price movement is taken into consideration, the story somewhat changes. Crypto Capital Ventures analyzed Cardano and described how the coin … Read more

Ethereum, Cardano and VeChain and alts: Find out about ‘where the massive gains are made’

Altcoins have been looked upon as a safe bet should Bitcoin turn to be expensive to trade. Recently these “safe” altcoins have not been making fair gains either. A lot of reasons tell us the why, but those reasons are in the past. Those reasons cannot tell you where the major altcoins are headed. However, … Read more

XRP, Cardano, Dogecoin Price Analysis: 27 June

Bitcoin fell again on June 25, but fortunately gained back about 50% of its losses in the last 24 hours. On the other hand, XRP and DOGE saw a little blessing in disguise as JP Morgan did label both the coins as “rat poison” among others in a recent survey, but it did bring them … Read more

Cardano Scores Coinbase Pro Listing, ADA Moves 22%

Coinbase Pro will list ADA, opening inbound transfers of the assets before launching full trading on March 18. Coinbase announced on March 16 that it had opened inbound transfers for ADA, taking the first step in the multi-stage process to list the token. Full trading will begin on March 18, once sufficient liquidity has been … Read more

Cardano Added to Bloomberg Terminal, Investors Scrutinize the Asset

The Bloomberg Terminal has added Cardano (ADA), exposing the asset to a major swathe of professional investors. This news is a major validation for the Ethereum competitor. Twitter users posted screenshots of the Cardano inclusion on March 15. The image includes a brief explanation of what Cardano is and how it works. #Cardano was just … Read more

BIC’s Crypto Video News Show: Cardano Surge in 2021?

In this episode of the BeInCrypto video news show, host Jessica Walker will take an in-depth look at Cardano (ADA), including its recent Mary hard fork upgrade, its robust performance last week, and some expectations for the rest of the year. On Monday, March 1, Cardano (ADA) implemented its Mary hard fork upgrade. The company … Read more