Cardano, BitTorrent, Dogecoin Price Analysis: 25 September

Amidst recovery, many altcoins showed consolidation along with slight gains over the last 24 hours. Cardano moved up and targeted its immediate resistance. BitTorrent also noted upward movement, despite technical indicators signalling bearish pressure in the market. Lastly, Dogecoin recovered, although buying strength remained in the negative territory.  Cardano (ADA) ADA/USD, TradingView Cardano appreciated 9.4% … Read more

Cardano, Dogecoin, Chainlink Price Analysis: 06 September

Mixed trading patterns were observed in case of certain altcoins. While some altcoins rallied, others also logged some gains, while many were busy trading laterally. Chainlink rallied 12.9% over the last 24 hours, while setting a new multi-month high. Dogecoin hiked by 4.4% and was preparing to revisit the $0.314 price ceiling. Cardano traded sideways, … Read more

Cardano, Bitcoin and Dogecoin Price Analysis: 15 August

The crypto market opened with a mixed trading day today, as Bitcoin retreated below $47k. However, the industry’s altcoins flashed some gains despite BTC’s fall. Dogecoin registered 5.8% gains, and while ADA recorded a 1.9% gain, the coin’s indicator pointed towards bearish sentiments.  Cardano (ADA) ADA/USD, TradingView ADA surged by 1.9%, over the last 24 … Read more

XRP, Cardano and Dogecoin Price Analysis: 08 August

As the broader crypto market gained strength over the last few days, major altcoins including XRP, ADA and DOGE jumped to higher levels. XRP managed to slice through its immediate resistance of $0.77, while ADA, despite lateral movement traded away from its support level of $1.38. Finally, Dogecoin rallied and was on its way to … Read more

This is what you should know about investing in DOGE, Cardano, XRP

Crypto-adoption across industries has not really been gradual and steady. The market has seen erratic waves of speculation, exuberance, and acceptance. The growth of altcoins such as Dogecoin, Cardano, and XRP has underlined the evolution of the crypto-ecosystem. These alts, technically, are the market’s “old” coins. Now, amidst the presence of hyped-up newer coins like … Read more

XRP, Dogecoin, Cardano Price Analysis: 25 July

Bitcoin’s prices were up by almost 2.8% today, and Ethereum shot up by 2.5%. The rise in prices of the big cryptocurrencies has had a positive impact on other altcoins, however, the broader market still lacked the strength. XRP was trading sideways with a minor loss in the last 24 hours, Dogecoin continued to trade … Read more

XRP, Dogecoin, Cardano Price Analysis: 19 July

The broader cryptocurrency market showed signs of trading in the green just 24 hours back, however, it was a slow day today. Most altcoins demonstrated market weakness with mainly sideways movement, barring all stable coins, many altcoins dipped marginally. XRP’s market capitalization fell by 5.96% with a sharp fall in capital inflows, DOGE’s trading volume … Read more

XRP, Dogecoin, Cardano Price Analysis: 18 July

The global crypto market cap was at $1.36 Trillion with a 3.0% increase over the last day. With the broader crypto market still showing considerable signs of weakness, some altcoins witnessed daily gains, albeit marginal. While Ripple’s prices have remained inconclusive, DOGE noted slight daily gains and a considerable hike in buying pressure and ADA … Read more

XRP, Cardano, Dogecoin Price Analysis: 29 June

With the global crypto-market cap registering a 3.32% hike over the past 24 hours, it was valued at $1.42 trillion at press time. As the previous week saw Bitcoin noting significant gains, altcoins like XRP, DOGE, and ADA too enjoyed trading in the green. A rise in buying pressure and capital inflows could be observed … Read more

Dogecoin, Cardano, Filecoin Price Analysis: 28 June

As the total market capitalization jumped by almost 6% in the last 8 hours, many altcoins along with Bitcoin made some significant increase. The DOGE market saw a positive momentum today rising by 8.6% in just 4 hours and a similar movement is expected as the community celebrates “Dogefather” Elon Musk’s birthday. Cardano and Filecoin … Read more