What’s behind the fall in Ethereum fees?

Ethereum is one of the most popular blockchains for NFTs, but limited capacity and high gas fees have made Ethereum NFTs prohibitively expensive for many NFT enthusiasts Why are gas fees at a six-month low? In more ways than one, NFTs have become the go-to investment for many crypto enthusiasts, especially over the last year. … Read more

Verifying Ethereum-flavored Wasm (Ewasm) Code

by Rikard Hjort and Stephen Skeirik Runtime Verification Mar 23, 2020 · 11 min read Welcome to the final installment in the series on formal verification brought to you by Runtime Verification and dlab. If you missed the first three parts, you can find them here: Introducing KWasm, and an intro to symbolic execution An … Read more

Announcing the Honeycomb Smart Contract Hackathon

Heikki Vänttinen Nov 20, 2019 · 4 min read An end-to-end reliable and secure connection to real-world data is a key factor in fundamentally re-imagining the capabilities of smart contracts and decentralized applications of all kinds. Utilizing the Chainlink network of decentralized oracles, this connection is what Honeycomb aims to facilitate, providing smart contract developers … Read more