Get more by keeping ADA coins in your own wallet (CRDNS pool) Apr 7 · 10 min read Every ADA coin should be in your own wallet. This is the only way to fully utilize the potential of the Cardano ecosystem. Staking on the exchanges is not only dangerous, it deprives you of many opportunities that can benefit you and, by extension, the entire … Read more

$COTI is Now Available on 1inch

COTI Sep 9 · 2 min read We are happy to announce that $COTI (ERC-20) is now listed and available to swap on the DEX Aggregator Protocol 1inch! Following the recent news about the COTI listing on Huobi and Coinbase, $COTI keeps on expanding and is now listed on the 1inch Exchange. Swapping $COTI via … Read more

Update: Huobi will list BOTH $COTI Native and $COTI ERC20

COTI Aug 26 · 2 min read We’re excited to share that Huobi will list $COTI on both chains. We have been attentive to some depositing issues occurring when users try to send Native $COTI directly from KuCoin or from COTI’s bridge. This issue occurs as Huobi requires a unique identifier (“tag”) when making a … Read more

CardSwap: A Sneak Peek!

CardStarter Just now·3 min read A Brief Introduction to the CardSwap User Interface You’ve waited for this, you’ve anticipated this — the Alonzo hard fork is on the horizon. All while CardSwap continues to blossom, by already becoming the largest Cardano DEX by Total Value Locked (TVL), currently managing 50% of CardStarter project LP tokens. … Read more

deFIRE IDO Details

Maryam M May 13 · 2 min read Love crypto? Don’t miss out on the upcoming IDO Incubated by Occam.Fi, a fin-tech powerhouse aimed at developing the Cardano ecosystem, in a partnership with Changelly, deFIRE aims to bring optimal execution and liquidity services for users of Cardano’s DeFi ecosystem. What does that all mean? deFIRE … Read more