ISPO is a novelty way in fundraising on Cardano (CRDNS pool) Mar 24 · 13 min read Fundraising has a long history in the cryptocurrency world, and probably everyone has seen or heard about the ICO mania around 2017. We have seen many attempts to improve this area. Cardano has come up with an ISPO concept that is definitely worth your attention. TLDR: … Read more

Why digital startups are turning to crowd investing

If there’s one thing every startup needs (besides an MVP people actually want) it’s money. Since the explosion of startups over the last three decades, we’ve seen the rise of new forms of fundraising which eschew more traditional forms of investment like grants and Venture Capital. First, there was crowdfunding. Kickstarter started in 2009 offering … Read more

dlab x Advanced Blockchain

Nick Plante Apr 14 · 1 min read dlab is excited to announce our latest partnership, with Advanced Blockchain AG, the publicly-listed blockchain development company. In addition to being significant investors in the Polkadot ecosystem, Advanced Blockchain also incubated blockchain IoT company Peaq, operate smart contract auditing firm Stela Labs, and have been technology and … Read more