Splinterlands Moves to Decentralize Validator Nodes with License Offering

The popular Play-to-Earn (P2E) classic Splinterlands has announced that they will switch over to decentralised validator nodes by the third or fourth quarter of 2022.  “The Splintershards (SPS) validator software will be 100% open source and available for anyone to download and run without any costs or restrictions.”  It is expected that the new system … Read more

Tabletop roleplaying games are coming to the blockchain and this is just the beginning – Get on Board.

GRIPNR Introduces The Glimmering: The World’s Only 5e On-Chain, Play-to-Progress TTRPG Played with Collectible NFT Characters.    Tabletop roleplaying games are now coming onto the blockchain and it just makes sense. GRIPNR is working to build on the classic TTRPG model by rewarding contributors for their passion, work, and fun.   Gripnr is a Web3 technology company … Read more

Ubisoft is ready to let other games use Tezos NFTs

Ubisoft Quartz is an NFT initiative from Ubisoft, and as its Ghost Recon game support ends, Ubisoft is ready to expand Tezos support to more games Ubisoft: Tough gaming NFTs luck Since NFTs became a thing, NFTs games from established game makers have had difficulty achieving support, and both customers and programmers have shown a … Read more

EverdreamSoft Celebrates 5 years of ‘SoG’ and Open NFT Museum on CryptoVoxels

Geneva, Switzerland (April 7th, 2022): Spells of Genesis, one of the original play-to-earn blockchain games, celebrates its fifth anniversary. To commemorate that event, EverdreamSoft, creators of SoG, will launch an NFT History Museum on CryptoVoxels, exhibiting a few vintage SoG cards and various top industry-renowned NFT collections, providing an immersive representation of interconnected universes and … Read more

NFT Taskforce Asks Japanese Government to Consider Appointing Web3 Minister

This post was originally published on News.Bitcoin In a recently released white paper, a Japanese non-fungible token (NFT) taskforce has asked the government to consider appointing a government minister whose job it would be to oversee all matters relating to Web3. Building the Support Structure for Japan’s NFT Sector A Japanese NFT policy task force … Read more

MonkeyLeague Achieves First Major Game Milestone As Its Gears Up For Pioneers Event

MonkeyLeague, the highly anticipated Solana-based play-and-earn soccer game, checks off the first major roadmap milestone. Pioneers Gear-Up has gone live, offering players and enthusiasts a first glimpse of the MonkeyLeague in-game store and the ability for players to start collecting and stocking FREE Game Essentials in time for the game’s launch! Moreover, the team just … Read more

How the Remix Culture is Changing NFT Gaming and the Metaverse

Digital technologies have changed a lot about human interactions within the past decade. Today, people from different cultures can seamlessly exchange ideas, art, music and fashion through social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. More importantly, the world has adopted a ‘remix culture’ where information is shared as ‘read and write’ meaning that users … Read more

10 Best Play-to-Earn Crypto Gaming Launchpads You Should Follow

Initial Game Offering (IGO) launchpads are the newest trend in the crypto world, and the premise is similar to that of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).  The Initial Game Offering (IGO) is essentially a way for blockchain gaming companies to crowdfund their projects. However, the main difference between IGOs and ICOs is that IGO participants … Read more