Occam the Monk: The Aspects Within

Occam_PR Jan 23 · 7 min read Meditations at the summit Occam had scaled the very tallest peak of the mountains in his search for DeFi enlightenment, and smiled wistfully at the sight before him… Ancient mountains topped with snow, soaring from the bedrock of the earth like jagged teeth, and splitting the very clouds … Read more

Liqwid DAO Interim Governance

Liqwid Finance · Follow Mar 1 · 3 min read At Liqwid Labs we feel strongly that building a community-led DeFi protocol must be reflected in all aspects of system operations. Community contributions (content, infrastructure, product), permissionless governance participation and ownership should represent this bottom up vision to the extent possible before the launch of … Read more

Liqwid’s Discord Airdrop Recap

Liqwid Finance Just now·5 min read In everything we do Liqwid Labs aims to be as transparent as possible, and with the Discord Airdrop — DripDropz claim step now complete, we’d like to share our insights and lessons gleaned from the process. The core team first met to discuss tokenomics updates with a focus on … Read more

Occam Improvement Proposals — Recap and Requests to Vote!

Occam_PR Dec 3 · 4 min read Hello Occam.fi community! A little over a month ago, at the end of October, we introduced our Occam Improvement Proposals (OIPs) and stake-based voting, evolving the governance of Occam.fi and putting power into the community’s hands. We’ve had a great response, with over 30 OIPs already proposed in … Read more

Evolving Occam.fi’s Governance

OCC Stake-based Voting, OIPs, and the Occam Forum Occam_PR Oct 25 · 8 min read It’s the start of a new week at Occam, and the start of yet another step towards true decentralization. Your feedback helps shape our protocol, but hosting these discussions exclusively on Telegram has made it difficult to keep track of … Read more