Collaborate and Find Your Place: Our Approach to Building Tech

Projects with purpose What exactly makes a product meaningful? It’s ultimate real world function matters, but also the relationship between the product and those who cooperate on building it. Our aim with client projects is to build up a collaboration to  jointly create a product that both serves a measurable purpose and means something to … Read more

A 3 step guide to growing your tech circle

We have a small but dedicated Vacuumlabs team located in Budapest. Our team size has more than tripled in the last year during all the lockdowns, and although we have been fully prepared for remote work even before corona times, the lack of live social interactions was a huge challenge for all of us. Suddenly, … Read more

Forward Thinking: Encouraging creative intelligence in the next generation

Vacuumlabs provides teams of flexible software engineers and designers with years of experience building fintech, online marketplaces, and digital products. Every step of the way, Vacuumlabs experts collaborate with clients, so that they can move fast, learn and iterate as they build world-class products together.

Growing Together

Whenever we’re able, we organize company events that connect our offices and let us see our remote colleagues in person. At our last company-wide event, there were around 150 of us and this year the attendance grew to  420 attendees – new colleagues, old colleagues, and their families.  As we rapidly grow, we hold onto … Read more

Why we Love Typescript – the Power of Javascript, Plus More…

Anyone in front-end software development knows Javascript frameworks and front-end tools go in and out of fashion faster than the blink of an eye.  But something makes Typescript different from typical projects in the Javascript hype cycle. Typescript isn’t opinionated, and can co-exist nicely alongside Javascript. Which makes it far more likely to stick around … Read more

Creating a benefits package for a new era

How do you feel you belong somewhere? What are you expecting out of your workplace? Vacuumlabs has put a lot of thought into what people need to succeed and feel at ease coming to work everyday. Taking inspiration from Spotify and Netflix, we started crafting a benefits package that would be above standard and set … Read more

Bitcoin: a layered evolution of money

Bitcoin is expanding its use cases in hierarchical layers – a development that we can witness in history with other forms of money. We’ve all heard the common criticism of Bitcoin: its transaction throughput is only four transactions per second, making it unable to compete with Visa, PayPal, and other global payment networks capable of … Read more

Atmosfera x Vacuumlabs: A collaboration for the future

The fun of working with us comes in many forms and one of them is the cultural events we support and take part in. This summer we were a proud sponsor of Atmosfera Festival, a multi-genre festival for music, homemade goods, and speakers on a variety of global topics. Our Rychlotest-covid team also stepped in … Read more

An Isolated Place: Writing Software for Crypto Hardware Wallets

Vacuumlabs is the official partner to offer hardware wallet support for the Cardano ecosystem which, in turn, is one of the most active and engaged blockchain communities in the world. Vacuumlabs engineers develop and maintain the official Cardano libraries for both Trezor and Ledger — the two dominant hardware wallet vendors. Today, we want to … Read more

Behind the scenes: how we built AdaLite, the first Cardano light wallet.

We recently published an article about how we built AdaLite — one of our most successful spin-off companies within the Vacuum Group, and the first light wallet for the Cardano blockchain. Today, I will take you on a technical behind-the-scenes, and show you how what was supposed to be a “quick side project” turned into … Read more