Cardano’s [ADA] trading takeaway ahead of Vasil hard fork

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Cardano users ADA-pt to price falls with whales holding 46.6% of the supply

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Here’s why ADA transaction volumes surpassed those of Bitcoin

Crypto investors checking out Messari’s charts and stats may have expected to glimpse Bitcoin or Ethereum at the top of the rankings when it came to 24-hour transaction volumes. However, many were stunned to see that the top crypto was sometimes Cardano, with ADA’s 24-hour transaction volumes often coming in above Bitcoin itself. While some … Read more

The full story behind the ‘Cardano > BTC, ETH in transaction volume’ narrative

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$8 or $58? 3rd or 7th? – What the ‘experts’ say about where Cardano will go

In 2021, Cardano was the third-biggest crypto by market cap, breathing down Ethereum’s neck. However, 2022 saw it in seventh place. To that end, Finder’s panel of fintech experts came together to predict ADA’s future price performance. The final estimate was well worth a read. A full deck of Cardano To make a long story … Read more

Here’s why investors’ sentiments are all over the place when it comes to altcoins

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Are altcoins looking more interesting than Bitcoin right now

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