Cardano’s upcoming DEX SundaeSwap has its eyes on blockchain interoperability

Ever since smart contract functionality was deployed on the Cardano network, users have waited for decentralized applications to be released on the blockchain. In this context, Cardano received massive criticism for the delay. However, it was eased out this week when SundaeSwap announced its upcoming launch on Cardano’s testnet on 5 December. SundaeSwap is a … Read more

SundaeSwap DEX prepares for launch (CRDNS pool) Just now·5 min read Many teams are building DEX on Cardano. SundaeSwap is definitely one of the more visible projects. On Sunday 5th December, SundaeSwap will be launched on test-net. Let’s take a closer look at the project. Meet SundaeSwap The project’s homepage says: SundaeSwap is a native, scalable decentralized exchange and … Read more

CARDS, GERO, and C3 Migration Incentives

CardStarter Just now·2 min read The CARDS, GERO, and C3 Migration Contract Is Live LP providers that commit to migrating either their CARDS, C3, or GERO LP pairs from the ETH to ADA will have the opportunity to take part in an additional 100mil CSWAP worth of benefits. This rewards pool will be calculated following … Read more