DAOs And NFTs Can Support Cool Japan National Strategy

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said that DAOs and NFTs can support Japan’s ‘Cool Japan’ national strategy. Kishida was addressing the Budget Committee in Japan’s House of Representatives on February 1 when he made these remarks. Also, he believes blockchain technology can offer solutions to most of the technological issues facing the country. Answering questions … Read more

A Comparison of Web3 Social Wallets

For Web3 to achieve mass adoption, practical applications are necessary at the user layer. Social wallets are working towards customer-friendly layers by combining two essential components of Web3: communication and digital asset management. Web3 social wallets are decentralized applications where activities like group chatting, direct messaging, performing transactions, and collective investing in crypto assets can … Read more

Chainlink to Launch Dynamic NFTs

Chainlink is looking to expand on its DeFi dominance and break into the lucrative NFT market by introducing its evolving dNFT version. Chainlink has been dominant in the DeFi industry, with many blockchains partnering with its token LINK as a way of earning passive income, but as with all leaders in the space, it is … Read more

Coinbase NFT Denies Shut Down After Creator Drops Pause

After months of lacklustre performance, Coinbase NFT has paused creator drops to add more features that will improve the platform. The announcement was made through Twitter on Wednesday. And the platform was quick to state that it was not shutting down, dispelling swirling rumors that it was likely to close shop. We recently shared that … Read more

Chinese “Instagram” Enables NFT Integration Spurring Mass Adoption

The Chinese version of Instagram Little Red Book (XiaohongShu) has enabled an NFT integration that could catalyze the mass adoption of digital collectibles. This is after the platform teamed up with Conflux Network, a layer 1 public blockchain protocol. Now users of Little Red Book will be able to showcase their NFTs minted through Conflux … Read more

Affyn Reveals New Cities for NEXUS World Metaverse

After a triumphant “City Launch Wave 0,” Affyn has revealed new cities for NEXUS World – a mobile metaverse integrated with the real world. Following the announcement of Singapore, Affyn continues its grand tour of global cities. Get ready to explore the vibrant cities of Dublin, Glasgow, and London in ‘City Launch Wave 1’ – … Read more

Dungeons & Dragons Backtracks on NFT Ban After Community Backlash

Wizards of the Coast, the publisher behind Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), will not ban NFTs and associated products from its platform. The move follows strong backlash from its tabletop gaming community. The announcement comes after weeks of contemplation as the entity sought to protect its intellectual property from being exploited by big business and third … Read more

NFT Sports Brand Sorare Partners with Premier League

NFT Fantasy Sports brand Sorare has partnered with the FA in a deal worth $30 million. The major announcement sees the Paris-based Web3 company launch official playing cards of all 20 English Premier League clubs into its NFT collection. As well as introducing Premier League NFTs, Sorare also announced several updates to its gameplay. This … Read more

NFT Trademark Fillings Suggest Top Companies are Committed to Web3

NFT naysayers will have you believe the NFT bubble has burst. However, NFT trademark filings from top companies suggest something else. Based on the growing number of filings, it’s clear “corporate America” sees potential use cases for the technology. Thus, Michael Kondoudis, an intellectual property lawyer, suggests that you should pay attention to these trademarks … Read more