Cardano: Wallets created in Sept. were 3.60M; can it assure a price hike

While the highly anticipated Cardano Vasil Hard Fork might have failed to return the expected positive price reaction for ADA, the upgrade led to a series of growth in ecosystem metrics for Cardano in September. According to data from the Cardano Foundation, within the 30-day period, Cardano recorded a 4.20% uptick in the count of … Read more

Cardano [ADA] looks ‘ready’ for Vasil after latest dev updates

Cardano‘s community is easily the most bullish group in the crypto-market right now. According to many, they have good reason to be so as well. The Cardano network is finally set to go ahead with the Vasil hard fork on 22 September, which is still less than a week away. The preparations for the hard … Read more

Cardano holders may have reasons to celebrate even before Vasil rolls out

Now that the hype around the Merge has settled down, it’s time for Cardano [ADA] to take over. The Vasil hardfork is due this month and the entire crypto community is keeping a close watch on the network.  Most recently, Input Output Global (IOG) tweeted all the new and interesting developments that happened in the … Read more

Cardano [ADA] stands below XRP by market cap, but daily gains state otherwise

Cardano [ADA] has been building lately ahead of the Vasil hardfork. This has resulted in a significant increase on the ADA prices. Since 9 September, ADA went as high as 8.5% on the daily chart but the surge has since slowed down. At press time, ADA was up by 3.5% according to CoinMarketCap and was … Read more

For Cardano, it’s 100 projects and counting, but is that really enough

The biggest use case of a third-generation cryptocurrency is Decentralized Finance, on which Cardano has built its reputation and hype for years. Alas, the result hasn’t been particularly impressive. Especially since in a little under a year, the network has only noted the launch of 93 projects. Now, although another 1048 projects are being built, … Read more

Cardano’s [ADA] guide to ‘how to be unpopular in trading loss world’

Cardano [ADA] was considered a “must watch” asset for a period of good two years. But 2022 saw the crypto market tumbling down. And, Cardano followed suit. With the fall of this token went away the swarm of HODLers and supporters who saw potential in the third-generation blockchain. However, the changing market dynamics are also … Read more

Cardano testnet successfully hard forked but here’s a point of concern

Input Output Global (IOG) had earlier informed members of the Cardano ecosystem of the postponement of the deployment of the network’s Vasil Hard Fork to the testnet. Interestingly, in a Twitter thread on 3 July, IOG confirmed to the community members that it had successfully hard forked the Cardano testnet. Speaking on the next steps, … Read more

Analyzing how ADA might respond to Cardano’s much-awaited Vasil hardhork

Ahead of the upcoming Vasil testnet that is to launch in early June 2022, Cardano published an encouraging update. The network reported a strong foundation with many new projects planned out with Fund9 that are to be launched. Cardano recently posted their Weekly Development Report to inform users about the ongoing development updates. The report … Read more

Cardano [ADA]: Vasil’s date is set and investors should know that…

In the early hours of 14 May, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson informed the community that the Vasil Hard Fork is on schedule. It would be implemented by 29 June, he said. With the Vasil Hard Fork, significant updates will be deployed on the Cardano blockchain and its smart contract platform, Plutus.  Speaking about the Vasil … Read more