CEO of WAX Blockchain: Every Industry Will Have NFTs

At the Binance Blockchain Week in Dubai last week, William Quigley predicted that NFTs will be adopted into our daily lives on a mass scale. The Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) co-founder and CEO hailed the new Web3 era as a release from the shackles of central control. At Binance Blockchain Week, William Quigley chose his … Read more

Welcome to the R-Planet Ambassadors club

When we introduced Staking 2.0, some members of our community paid particular attention to one thing, 25 billion Aether locked by the team in order to support some bright projects. We would like to explain our rationale and our criteria for voting and how we can make the very process of distribution as transparent as … Read more

From 10 to 1.5 Trillion and Even Less

This post was originally published on Rplanet Important update: The decreasing of the general supply of Aether is scheduled for tomorrow, March 24. Today we are going to talk about the process and what will happen with the rest of Aether. At the moment the general supply of Æether is 10 trillion. In order to … Read more