Cardano Active Addresses Increased by Over 200% Despite ADA Price Slip

The active address count on the Cardano network increased by more than 200% this month. The number currently stands at 191,500, though it peaked at 485,000 towards the tail end of November. Sponsored Sponsored The number of active addresses on Cardano has jumped by more than 25% in November 2021, according to data from Messari. … Read more

LQ Tokenomics Update & Airdrop

Liqwid Finance Just now·7 min read Official LQ Policy ID: da8c30857834c6ae7203935b89278c532b3995245295456f993e1d24 Community alignment and protocol incentives are complex governance topics; the Liqwid core dev team has invested an incredible amount of effort researching the tradeoffs across multiple DAO bootstrapping methods and governance models. Every DeFi protocol team must establish sufficient processes for future stewardship of … Read more

Cardano’s Hoskinson: ‘Winners of the future in the DeFi space are going to…’

The age of DeFi is here. This sector of the cryptocurrency industry is raking in huge investments from all parts of the financial market while existing in a constantly evolving ecosystem. This, unarguably, has taken a toll on some networks struggling to keep up with the pace of development while others are looking at it … Read more

Liqwid v1 Roadmap Update — 3

Liqwid Finance Just now·6 min read This article is a follow-up to the last Liqwid roadmap update. Since the last update the core development team has made great progress towards the v1 protocol launch; the validator logic in the market, governance, liquidation, oracle and LQ rewards contracts are all close to onchain feature completion. We … Read more

How to participate in OccamRazer BSC IDOs

Occam_PR Nov 29 · 3 min read To alleviate the gas issues connected with the utilization of the Ethereum blockchain, has decided to enable BSC IDOs. In other words — the OccamRazer launchpad is now fully compatible for a full execution of IDOs on BSC! That means OccamRazer users are now able to participate … Read more

SAVAGE NFT-based Content Marketplace to hold IDO on OccamRazer

Occam_PR Nov 29 · 2 min read SAVAGE, the world’s first stock image content marketplace that allows professional and everyday creators to easily, fairly, and ethically monetize their content, will make it’s $SAVG token available through an IDO debut on OccamRazer on Dec. 15, 2021. The marketplace, focused primarily on photographers and videographers, provides a … Read more

Hoskinson outlines plans to ensure dApp security on Cardano

The Alonzo hard fork brought forth a hoard of new functionalities for the Cardano network, especially after smart contract integration. While its community has been enthusiastic about these upgrades, for the most part, the network has also faced a slew of criticism for the ‘delay’ in launch dates. Take for example dApps, which according to … Read more

Hoskinson believes THIS is ‘critical for the long-term viability of Cardano’

With the implementation of smart contract functionality through the Alonzo hard fork earlier this year, Cardano launched itself into the mainstream of decentralized services and web3. However, for a blockchain platform to exist in this competitive industry, constant development needs to be an important part of its ecosystem. Recently, a Cardano developer opined on Twitter … Read more

This makes Cardano ‘literally most anticipated’ smart contract platform in blockchain space

Ever since Cardano deployed smart contract integration earlier this year, the network has been buzzing with on-boarded projects and development from the community. Its native token ADA has also grown significantly during this time owing to its increased uses cases amongst creators and developers building on the network. One of the key areas Cardano has … Read more

GOGOcoin to hold IDO on OccamRazer decentralized launchpad

Occam_PR Nov 27 · 2 min read ZUG, Nov. 27, 2021 — GOGOcoin, the NFT and DeFi crossover protocol aiming to become the world’s most user-friendly decentralized asset manager and savings account, will soon make its Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) debut on the OccamRazer decentralized launchpad. GOGOcoin is building a revolutionary one-click access platform to … Read more