Cardano price: Here’s what has ‘provided a sort of security’

The Cardano blockchain has had a tremendous year, to say the least. ADA’s journey from $0.2 in January to $2.42 in May to institutional adoption and finally ranking fourth is one that’s worth looking at. While, the crypto ecosystem is infamous for its currencies gaining quick star status and sometimes sudden oblivion too, in the … Read more

3 reasons why this event will push Cardano in this direction

Cardano’s Alonzo hard fork, the planned upgrade rollout is an event that traders are anticipating. The altcoin was trading at $1.76 level currently, with a drop of nearly 8% in the trade volume. Cardano’s plan to introduce smart contract capabilities is underway and will likely have a positive impact on traders’ sentiment. Meanwhile, price is … Read more

The strategy for Cardano HODLers has changed?

At a time of recovery of altcoins, ADA has hit 1,000,000 wallets, and it is likely that staking will increase as the rewards are hitting a peak. The network’s protection is anticipated to hit higher as volume of staked ADA increases and the price is up to the $1.72 level, after a rally of over … Read more