Let’s be patient about the adoption of blockchain technology

Cardanians.io (CRDNS pool) Jan 24 · 9 min read · Cryptocurrency adoption is largely driven by speculation and the vision of getting rich quickly. This is unfortunate from a technology perspective, as the utility of blockchain networks may have little to do with high volatility and market sentiment. Solving real problems is the reason to … Read more

Blockchain needs users, not speculators

Cardanians.io (CRDNS pool) Oct 7 · 14 min read · Adoption is the alpha and omega of success for any blockchain project. Every blockchain needs native coins to manage its network security budget. People have started speculatively buying these coins and holding them in their wallets. Not all, but many of these people are just … Read more

How Success of Applications Will Affect the Value of Cardano

Cardanians.io (CRDNS pool) Sep 2 · 2 min read · The difference between Web2 and Web3 is how the revenue is split between the applications and the underlying infrastructure. Web2 applications capture the entire revenue and do not need to share with the underlying infrastructure operators. Web3 applications depend on a smart contract platform like … Read more

Cardano is the highest-ranking crypto brand

Cardanians.io (CRDNS pool) Aug 31 · 8 min read · Cardano is the highest-ranking crypto brand in the Top Brand Intimacy 2022 report. The surprising thing is that Cardano has a higher rating than Bitcoin. Almost every person on the planet has heard of Bitcoin while Cardano is still unknown to the general public. What … Read more

What is the Cardano testnet for?

Cardanians.io (CRDNS pool) Aug 29 · 7 min read · If you understand what testnet is for, you won’t be surprised that it is not in an ideal state or that a bug has appeared. If testnet is 100% stable, it is suspicious and some processes may be failing, because stability and 100% reliability is … Read more

Cardano has sound technology and community

Cardanians.io (CRDNS pool) Aug 10 · 11 min read · Cryptocurrency communities are a new phenomenon, unlike anything we have known before. What is it like, how does technology relate to it, and what does the future hold? Let’s try to answer these questions. How to define the cryptocurrency community? Bitcoin represents an attempt to … Read more

Cardano has the second mover advantage

Cardanians.io (CRDNS pool) Aug 8 · 9 min read · The first mover advantage is no guarantee of ultimate success. Being second is also an advantage, as it is possible to learn from the mistakes of the first and do things differently, more thoughtfully and carefully. Cardano does not have a fundamental disadvantage compared to … Read more

Cardano empowers individuals

cardanians.io Just now·14 min read Cardano has the potential to empower individuals, but to counterbalance this, it can weaken the position of institutions, banks, and states. Technology can assist in a new redistribution of power and give people greater freedom. But this can only happen under certain conditions, and success will depend on the people … Read more

What forces will drive the price of the ADA?

cardanians.io 2 days ago·15 min read There is a widely spread narrative that cryptocurrencies are valuable mainly due to digital scarcity. Besides the scarcity, a technological aspect provides unique features that differentiate cryptocurrencies from gold. What is actually a more valuable feature, the scarcity or technological features? A story about two horses Economists have been … Read more