Expansion of Cardano in Africa is a ‘chance to design new systems,’ says IOHK CTO

After Cardano’s Alonzo upgrade which introduced smart contract capabilities, and the success of the high-profile Cardano Summit, more players – both in and out of the crypto sector – have their eyes on the third biggest blockchain by market cap. In a recent interview, IOHK CTO Romain Pellerin spoke to Thinking Crypto host Tony Edward … Read more

Hoskinson wants a ‘Cardano nation’ among other things

Africa has been recognized for its acceptance of cryptocurrencies quite often lately, as the continent’s nations suffer from economic difficulties and currency devaluation. Countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, and Togo top the list of cryptocurrency adopters. Cryptocurrencies are being used for international and commercial transactions, and as a store of value in the near absence … Read more

How Cardano could fast-track financial inclusion in emerging economies

Cardano Foundation Jan 6 · 6 min read (Written by @ElliotHill of the Cardano Foundation) As blockchain technology supporters, we often get excited about the potential for financial and social disruption through decentralization. From democratizing access to identity solutions, to providing access to capital through decentralized finance (DeFi), we regularly look for ways that blockchain … Read more