Charli3 Development Updates 13/3/22

Charli3 Mar 13 · 2 min read We are glad to be sharing more weekly updates for Charli3. Be sure to join our new Tech Talk Twitter Spaces 1 hour show, where the Charli3 Devs recap the last week of updates for and answer any questions from the Community. Finished Setup multiple contracts with different … Read more

Charli3 Development Updates 7/3/22

Charli3 Mar 7 · 1 min read Charli3 TECH: Finished Setup an end-to-end integration test connecting API, backend, and C3 contract on private testnet Automated creation of node, wallet, chain-index, and PAB for running contracts with docker-compose Added token authentication to backend API In Progress Setup multiple contracts with different data sources and test simultaneous … Read more

Charli3 Development Updates 28/2/22

Charli3 · Follow Mar 1 · 1 min read Tech: Finished Identified an issue with Tx balancing from the wallet API when testing the updated C3 validator on private testnet Troubleshoot issues with the node, PAB, and wallet APIs identified during backend integration Integrated backend with additional data source API and added support for passing … Read more

Charli3 Development Updates 11/2/22

Charli3 · Follow Feb 11 · 1 min read Tech:Finished Refactor oracle aggregation validator for aggregating multiple nodes to suit the network constraints — Phase II (with three nodes under the limit) Modified backend functions to integrate with C3 contract and added REST API to the back-end Finalized Haskell libraries for automated testing of contract … Read more

Charli3 enters partnership agreement with Indigo Protocol

Charli3 Just now·2 min read CHARLI3 is excited to announce our partnership with INDIGO PROTOCOL, a synthetic assets (iAssets) DeFi protocol that allows exposure to real-world assets. CHARLI3 will provide pricing data updates for INDIGO’s synthetic trading protocols in the crypto world, keeping INDIGO’s systems trusted and secure for end-user trading. The two projects have … Read more

Charli3 Developer Updates 25/10/21

Charli3 ·Just now Dev updates 25/10/21: Finished* Updated code to resolve issues raised in the audit process* Added additional transaction time range testing for aggregation validation* Added tests for adding/removing nodes to aggregatorIn progress* Explore Blockfrost integration* Implement planned additional test cases to improve test coverage* Migrate codebase to the latest release of Plutus

Charli3 Developer Updates 18/10/21

Charli3 ·Just now — — 18/10/2021 — — As we eagerly await the PAB, we continue our work every day. here are the updates from the past week. Finished Planned additional test cases to improve test coverage Added functionality to enable/disable aggregators as needed Set up chain-index for backend testing In progress Add additional transaction … Read more

Charli3 to form data integration partnership with CardWallet

Charli3 Just now·3 min read Charli3 announces our new partnership with CardWallet, a wallet and defi platform for Cardano. With a common mission to support innovation and diversity in the Cardano ecosystem, Charli3 and CardWallet will work in collaboration to grow together and build a strong ecosystem of DeFi solutions for the Cardano community. What … Read more