Charli3 Development Updates 28/3/22

Charli3 Mar 28 · 2 min read As we get closer to projects launching on Cardano main net, we are in the final stages of testing for our MVP. We also have our new catalyst proposals listed below. CATALYST:– we have 2 new proposals. -Dev Portal- an essential part of integration on C3. This will … Read more

FINISHED * Updated code based on audit round 2 feedback * Added tests for aggregation transactions…

Charli3 Just now·2 min read FINISHED* Updated code based on audit round 2 feedback* Added tests for aggregation transactions* Increased resolution of setting parameters* Audit through IOHK and CertikIN PROGRESS* Adapt backend to latest PAB release* Implement further test cases* Set up local test-net with PAB CHARLI3 just finished up a successful conference in Miami, … Read more

Charli3 Developer updates 11/10/21

Charli3 ·Just now — — 14/10/2021 — — Finished Examined transaction size maximums per-block Created CI/CD workflow for Haskell build and test Implemented add/remove additional Charli3 nodes to aggregator In progress Add functionality to enable/disable aggregators as needed Expand test case suite Examine new options for data consumers to consume oracle outputs

Charli3 Forms Data Integration Agreement With P2P Finance.

Charli3 Just now·2 min read Charli3 Forms Data Integration Agreement With P2P Finance. CHARLI3 will be providing decentralized price feeds within the P2P FINANCE ecosystem P2P FINANCE’s data integration with CHARLI3 will allow the P2P Finance team to focus on developing their key products instead of building their own oracle solution. A decentralized price feed … Read more

Charli3 Announces Strategic Partnership with Matrixswap

Charli3 Just now·2 min read Charli3 is very excited to announce our strategic partnership with Matrixswap, a fully decentralized virtual-AMM-based perpetual swaps trading protocol As we continue our growth and, connecting with unique and broader reaching projects is a priority for our model and future endeavors. Charli3 will provide accurate and trusted price data services … Read more