Here’s why investors’ sentiments are all over the place when it comes to altcoins

With crypto prices shooting off in unexpected directions, it’s not a surprise that investors’ sentiments are in a muddle. In fact, even the usual Bitcoin versus alt coin dynamic didn’t seem to be steady as feelings were growing more and more fragmented. Getting your fill of feelings Keeping Bitcoin’s price in mind, Santiment’s positive/negative sentiment … Read more

Charli3 Joins Cornucopias in the Metaverse

Charli3 Just now·3 min read Charli3 is pleased to announce their partnership with Cornucopias “The Island”, an open-world P2E metaverse and NFT gaming project for Cardano. Charli3’s and Cornucopias’ partnership moves further than simple integration, as our visions align on multiple fronts. As Cornucopias is built with Cardano in mind, the natural choice was a … Read more

Beyond Bitcoin and altcoins, this is what investing in crypto is all about

When it comes to crypto, everyone knows Bitcoin. In fact, Bitcoin is known much more widely than the word “cryptocurrency” itself. Since its inception, the concept of a decentralized financial system has taken everyone by surprise. And to watch it develop into what it is today is nothing more than a once-in-a-century instance. However, as … Read more

‘Expressiveness of Ethereum, attack surface of Bitcoin,’ does Cardano have it all

Ethereum has been at the forefront of the boom in the DeFi sector. However, the Bitcoin community believes that with innovation unlocking on the blockchain, it is turning out to be a competitor to existing players. ShapeShift’s Erik Voorhees recently replied to tweets by these Bitcoin supporters who argued in favor of its dominance in … Read more

Fees on the Cardano network (CRDNS pool) Just now·21 min read A fees system on public blockchain networks is a big topic. Different projects have their own strategies. We will provide a basic overview. Then, we explain different points of view in this article with respect to the present and future of fees on Cardano. Why fees are important … Read more

Coinshares: $16M weekly inflows for Cardano without ‘discernible catalyst’

Most cryptocurrencies in the market appeared to be trading in the red, at press time. After scoring big gains in “Uptober,” Bitcoin is now struggling to remain in the green after hitting a new ATH. Although it did see some relief following the Taproot upgrade, BTC was down 7% lower over the 24-hour window. Many … Read more

Cardano’s Africa: An early adopter, an experiment, or more of the ‘C’ word?

Crypto loves to travel. But, far from just surfacing at flashy fintech festivals, blockchains have now reached the world’s most unbanked countries and territories. For instance, El Salvador was on the map long before the country adopted Bitcoin, thanks to the El Zonte “Bitcoin Beach.” However, El Salvador’s Bitcoin launch day was marked by protests. … Read more

An altseason incoming or will another Bitcoin ATH come into play

Bitcoin is the king coin. As is often the case, its subjects (altcoins) are usually dependent on its own decisions (price movements). However, over the last 3 months, these altcoins have been gathering some momentum of their own.  Is the altseason REALLY here? The altcoin season or altseason is calculated on the basis of the … Read more

Why people are unable to assess the potential of Cardano (CRDNS pool) Just now·28 min read Blockchain technology is still in the early stages of development. It is difficult for ordinary people, as well as experts, to gauge the potential of this technology. Everyone agrees that it is also a disruptive technology, but no one knows its impact. Cardano is a protocol that follows … Read more

Bitcoin leads inflows but here’s why it can rise higher

The week has been an exciting for blockchains across the crypto ecosystem, especially after the Bitcoin market moved from fear into greed. What’s more, with the ProShares Bitcoin Futures ETF due to launch on 19 October, there is more optimism than there was during the summer. CoinShare’ s weekly Digital Asset Fund Flows report shed … Read more