Charli3 Technical Documentation- Swap Contract: part 2

Charli3 Mar 1 · 6 min read Swap Contract- Part 1: In Part 2 of the Swap Contract we take a deeper look at reading the oracle feed, the parameters behind a swap, and the libraries/tools used to do so. This document is a bit longer, but full of great information. If you find … Read more

COTI Treasury Step By Step Guide

COTI Feb 1 · 8 min read In this guide we will walk you through the following steps: How to make a new Treasury deposit How to manage and update an active deposit How to claim your rewards How to withdraw your deposit How to view the history of your Treasury deposit Prerequisites Please note … Read more

A New Era For COTI Has Just Begun- The COTI Treasury is Now LIVE!

COTI · Follow Feb 1 · 3 min read We are ecstatic to announce that after intensive months of development, the COTI Treasury is now successfully launched! You can now deposit any amount you wish into the COTI Treasury and earn $COTI rewards. The COTI Treasury is an algorithmic and decentralized pool of $COTI, where … Read more

CardStarter Hosts Unreal Finance IDO

CardStarter Just now·3 min read Unreal Finance X CardStarter IDO Launch Unreal Finance will launch IDO on CardStarter CardStarter, the world’s leading incubator, launchpad and insurance program for Cardano projects, will launch the Unreal Finance IDO. Unreal Finance is a revolutionary protocol that unlocks previously inaccessible liquidity via a novel unrealized yield futures layer. The … Read more

GeroWallet Developer Updates

GeroWallet Just now·3 min read Developer Announcement 8/1/2021 Here is some of what we have completed in the past week: -Finalized pentesting-Resolved Pentest Findings-Resolved Bugs from UAT Testing-Enhanced Tutorial Pages-Sentry Integration as app monitoring and error tracking What we aim to accomplish next week: -Beta testing (Ongoing)-Sentry Integration for backend services-Mobile POC Version for Android … Read more

Vent Finance: June Update

Vent Finance Monthly Recap: June Update. June has been a whirlwind of activity. We’ve been working relentlessly behind the scenes to provide our community with the greatest product possible and to guarantee that everything is in place for the $VENT Token Generation Event (TGE). Over the last month, we’ve made significant progress toward those goals, … Read more

GeroWallet Features: Part one

GeroWallet Just now·2 min read GeroWallet Features One of the biggest challenges in decentralized finance (DeFi) is how complicated it can be to use. There are many wallets, exchanges, and disconnected blockchains that make the process taxing and time consuming even for the most experienced users. For example, users attempting to use Uniswap will have … Read more