Djed’s Launch Date Announcement — Media Roundup

COTI Nov 23 · 3 min read Since the exciting announcement of Djed’s launch date at the Cardano summit, this news has attracted a lot of media attention, and has been covered by major publishers in the crypto and finance industries. Check out below some of the most noteworthy coverage from the past few days: … Read more

DeFire: MVP Released!

deFIREwriter Nov 23 · 3 min read The Arrival After many long months building in silence the DeFire team is proud to announce that our MVP is finally here, ready to be used by users! After seeing the viability of Milkomeda and the way in which liquidity and users could flow from other networks onto … Read more

Update From the Cardano Summit Main Stage: We Have a Date!

COTI Nov 21 · 4 min read As just announced by Shahaf Bar-Geffen on the main stage at the Cardano Summit, we are thrilled to share that Djed, Cardano’s over-collateralized algorithmic stablecoin, will be live on mainnet this January, 2023 following a successful full audit. “Djed going to public mainnet is a great achievement, following … Read more

Blockchain will allow us to own our identity (CRDNS pool) Nov 1 · 11 min read · Modern blockchain networks allow you to create your own digital identity. You can own your identity through a blockchain wallet, similar to how you own coins and tokens. Wallets will be integrated with self-sovereign identity (SSI) platforms (DID platforms) which use blockchains as a Public … Read more

Blockchain needs users, not speculators (CRDNS pool) Oct 7 · 14 min read · Adoption is the alpha and omega of success for any blockchain project. Every blockchain needs native coins to manage its network security budget. People have started speculatively buying these coins and holding them in their wallets. Not all, but many of these people are just … Read more

Meet the StayCoti Node — COTI’s New Mainnet Node

COTI Oct 6 · 2 min read We are happy to share that a new Mainnet Node has been added to the COTI network: StayCoti Node! The new node is already live and running. One of the core things we value at COTI is the active participation of our community members. This factor influences the … Read more

COTI Partners With Empowa to  Explore Using Djed as a Means of Transferring Funds to African…

COTI Oct 3 · 2 min read We are pleased to announce another Djed partnership, this time with Empowa, a RealFi project built on the Cardano blockchain. Empowa enables local African developers to offer an affordable lease-to-own option for eco-homes to their customers. This system gives tenants the opportunity to own a home at the … Read more

Double Yield Farm: Charli3 x Wingriders

Charli3 Oct 2 · 2 min read The excitement continues! Charli3 and Wingriders Dex announce a double-yield farm. This means you earn both C3 and WRT from your LP stake. instructions on how to do so at the bottom of the article. The details: C3 and ADA deposited for LP on Wingriders Dex, then deposit … Read more

How PoS networks are protected from 51% attacks (CRDNS pool) Sep 30 · 17 min read · The so-called long-range attack is considered an attack on PoS networks, which is similar to a 51% attack on PoW networks. In order to successfully execute a long-range attack, the attacker needs to have a large stake in the PoS network. This is similar to … Read more