G2 Esports Sues Bondly for $5 million

G2 Esports has elected to sue Bondly, its previous partner in an NFT-related deal for a whopping $5 million; here’s more about this development. G2 Esports G2 Esports, a European esports company, filed a lawsuit alleging that Bondly, a blockchain-focused company, misled G2 while failing to deliver on crucial agreements in their contract. They filed the … Read more

This makes Cardano ‘literally most anticipated’ smart contract platform in blockchain space

Ever since Cardano deployed smart contract integration earlier this year, the network has been buzzing with on-boarded projects and development from the community. Its native token ADA has also grown significantly during this time owing to its increased uses cases amongst creators and developers building on the network. One of the key areas Cardano has … Read more