Cardano survives Nomad bridge hack (CRDNS pool) Aug 8 · 6 min read · The interoperability of blockchains is being talked about as the future of cryptocurrencies. But there is a catch. Two interconnected blockchain networks may be secure, but the weakness may be at the point of interconnection. The Nomad bridge, which was hacked, was used for this … Read more

LP Migration Update

Update for the CardStarter community members with CARDS/C3/GERO-ETH LP locked for migration to Cardano CardStarter Just now·2 min read For those who have committed to migrating their CARDS/C3/GERO LP from ETH to ADA on , we are opening a window to map your destination ADA wallet address. We have received a significant number of … Read more

CardStarter Bridge Development & World Mobile Token Up

CardStarter Just now·2 min read CardStarter Bridge With Cardano’s mainnet launch on the horizon, we are excited to bring you the latest updates on the CARDS Bridge, which will facilitate the migration of over $100,000,000 worth of liquidity from the Ethereum network to Cardano. This marks a significant milestone for CardStarter as we enter the … Read more

COTI’s Cross-Chain Bridge: Update

COTI Jun 14 · 2 min read Hello everyone, We continue to improve and upgrade the bridge features and performance, with every iteration of opening the bridge. Our goal is to have a seamless swapping process, with a bridge continuously open. In the past few weeks, our tech team conducted several successful tests with the … Read more

COTI Cross-Chain Bridge Reopens on Tuesday, May 18th

COTI May 12 · 2 min read As of Tuesday, May 18th at 12:00 PM UTC, COTI’s cross-chain bridge will reopen for a limited daily capacity for Native to ERC20 swaps and for unlimited capacity for ERC20 to Native swaps. This trial period will allow us to test technical improvements that have been recently implemented … Read more