Interest in digital assets unabated with multiple weeks of consecutive inflows: Report

Digital asset investment products logged the fourth week of consecutive inflows last week. There has been a significant increase in investments in short-bitcoin, indicating that a substantial number of investors remain uncertain about the future trajectory of the market. Inflows into digital asset investment products totaled $76 million last week, bringing the fourth consecutive week … Read more

Bitcoin loses key dominance support in 4 years, but here’s the catch

Bitcoin [BTC] appears to be on the losing side of the crypto market as altcoins gain momentum. With the Merge and Vasil hardfork coming up, Ethereum [ETH] and Cardano [ADA] are increasingly getting into the spotlight. This leaves Bitcoin with a stern downward pressure as it tackles its way through September. Moreover, crypto analyst Ali … Read more

Here’s why investors’ sentiments are all over the place when it comes to altcoins

With crypto prices shooting off in unexpected directions, it’s not a surprise that investors’ sentiments are in a muddle. In fact, even the usual Bitcoin versus alt coin dynamic didn’t seem to be steady as feelings were growing more and more fragmented. Getting your fill of feelings Keeping Bitcoin’s price in mind, Santiment’s positive/negative sentiment … Read more

Here’s why the recent spot market dip is testing DeFi’s endurance

The crypto market is a volatile space, with the likes of Bitcoin leading the rally, rising  by 103% sometimes and other times also crashing by almost 70%. But the crypto market is not limited to just the spot markets. With the emergence of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), the spot markets found an affiliate. Today that affiliation … Read more

Bitcoin, Cardano and Solana Price Analysis: 16 August

Bitcoin rested above the $47K mark on the back of a 1.8% increase since yesterday, while ADA depicted a minor decline of 0.2% as it continued to trade above $2. Lastly, Solana rallied 36.2% and was pictured amongst the top 10 gainers in the industry, after it observed a sharp spike in its circulating supply … Read more

Cardano, Bitcoin and Dogecoin Price Analysis: 15 August

The crypto market opened with a mixed trading day today, as Bitcoin retreated below $47k. However, the industry’s altcoins flashed some gains despite BTC’s fall. Dogecoin registered 5.8% gains, and while ADA recorded a 1.9% gain, the coin’s indicator pointed towards bearish sentiments.  Cardano (ADA) ADA/USD, TradingView ADA surged by 1.9%, over the last 24 … Read more

XRP, Bitcoin, Cardano Price Analysis: 26 July

XRP, Bitcoin and Cardano moved on the upside as the coins gained substantially overnight. These prices were fueled by speculations around Elon Musk’s decision to accept Bitcoin for Tesla, and the possibility of Amazon starting to accept Bitcoin payments in the future. Bitcoin neared the $40,000 mark, XRP, despite rallying, pictured a decrease in capital … Read more

Ethereum, Cardano, XRP: Should we expect an alt season at all?

Bitcoin has been dominating the market since the existence of cryptocurrency, but recent years have seen the king coin lose its grip. In the wake of that loss, altcoins started gaining traction with several major altcoins grabbing BTC’s lost share. However, the question here is how soon or should we expect an alt season at … Read more