For Cardano, it’s 100 projects and counting, but is that really enough

The biggest use case of a third-generation cryptocurrency is Decentralized Finance, on which Cardano has built its reputation and hype for years. Alas, the result hasn’t been particularly impressive. Especially since in a little under a year, the network has only noted the launch of 93 projects. Now, although another 1048 projects are being built, … Read more

Sygnum Bank to Offer Cardano (ADA) Staking

Zurich-based Sygnum Bank has announced Cardano (ADA) staking, adding to its portfolio of Ethereum, Internet Computer (ICP), and Tezos (XTZ). Clients can now stake ADA from their existing crypto wallets to earn staking rewards. Sygnum’s digital assets are fully compatible with its existing banking infrastructure. Digital assets are secured using segregated wallets, secured private keys, … Read more

Is ADA making an effort to take over XRP’s position amid rising market cap

Cardano’s [ADA] move to improve scalability within its network may have been delayed. However, the Proof-of-Stake (PoS)-based cryptocurrency did not seem to be bothered about the development.  As of 29 July, ADA flipped Ripple [XRP] to become the seventh largest cryptocurrency in market value. Delay not denial According to Santiment, the flip happened as ADA’s … Read more

Can Cardano [ADA] see a 140% rally in a few months?

Cardano [ADA], the eighth-largest cryptocurrency, has showcased some vital signs of life in the past two weeks. Kudos to the developments across the network that really triggered investors’ confidence. However, that being said, the network’s native token, ADA, didn’t quite show the same enthusiasm. At press time, ADA was trading around the $0.46 mark after … Read more

DeFi and Smart Contract Activity Surges to New High on Cardano Blockchain

After skeptics had derided the network for seeing less DeFi activity since its Alonzo upgrade, Cardano blockchain is finally seeing some uptick in its smart contract activity as the network saw the number of smart contracts on the platform cross the 2,000 mark for the first time.  Sponsored Sponsored One of the platforms that benefited … Read more

Hoskinson Promises Solana-Like Performance for Cardano

In a recent interview with InsideW3B host Marco Monty Montemagno, Cardano co-founder Charles Hoskinson promised Solana-like performance by the end of 2022. Sponsored Sponsored “This year all these updates are coming that are massively improving the scalability and expressiveness of the system so that you’ll get the same type of performance you’re seeing from systems … Read more

Cardano (ADA) Is Latest Crypto Asset to Consider Burning Mechanism

Cardano might soon have a token-burning mechanism. That’s what information contained in its recent status updates seems to suggest.  Sponsored Sponsored The status update, which is part of a new initiative by the company to release updates about Cardano’s development every week, shows that two of its teams are working on a token burning mechanism.  … Read more

‘Large Wave’ of DApps Arriving in Coming Months, Says Cardano Founder

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson says that “a large wave” of new projects will come to the network in the next few months. Sponsored Sponsored Moving the chains. A large wave will come after June when the Vasil hardfork happens Sponsored Sponsored — Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) March 14, 2022 The executive, who is also CEO of … Read more

Paris Hilton and Cardano Founder Fund Efforts to Resurrect Mammoths

Paris Hilton and Charles Hoskinson, founder and leader of Cardano (ADA), have invested in Colossal. It is a startup that aims to resurrect the Mammoth. The prehistoric animal is long dead, however DNA still exists, which makes the idea of bringing the giant creature back to life tantalizingly possible. Sponsored Sponsored Paris Hilton, Hoskinson, and … Read more

Cardano: $2.79 by the end of the Year and $58 by 2030

Cardano (ADA) is predicted to have a slow 2022. HoDLing your coins until 2030 may well be worth it, according to’s latest report. Sponsored Sponsored polled 33 fintech specialists to see what might be in store for Cardano. These experts included University of Brighton senior lecturer Paul Levy, CoinSmart CEO and co-founder Justin … Read more