Cardano: Will ADA plunge below $0.3? Yes, as per this BTC maximalist who claimed…

Cardano’s price would trade below $0.3 before 2022 ends, according to a Bitcoin maximalist who asked the token holder to sell it for BTC. Price action indicated that ADA might fall further from its current price despite increasing volume  Cardano’s [ADA] deficiency in putting up an extraordinary performance has led to strong criticism from Bitcoin … Read more

What Cardano’s 400% surge in addresses says about the sentiment of ADA investors 

Cardano’s active addresses climbed 4x despite declining market confidence Regardless of the spike, most parts of the ADA ecosystem remained in in the lurch, leaving ADA with less likeliness of exiting the bearish region  Since the investors’ loss of confidence in the market after the FTX crash, there has been little buzz surrounding crypto projects. … Read more

Trying to capitalize on Cardano’s growth? Read this before making a decision

Cardano [ADA] witnessed significant selling pressure after the Vasil Hardfork. However, the platform may find some hope in the coming quarter due to some movements on the NFT front. According to a latest development, Cardano climbed up to rank 3 in terms of NFT volume. Saturday look at the NFT markets👀 🚀Cardano Cardano Cardano🚀Volume is … Read more

ADA investors may finally have the chance to ride bulls after this weekend outcome

If you are invested in Cardano and are expecting a bullish outcome, chances are that you may be disappointed after its latest performance. ADA has been one of the most bearish cryptocurrencies and its latest price action reflected this observation. Nevertheless, ADA bulls might have a chance to flex their muscles after the latest outcome. … Read more

Cardano: Why ADA traders could consider this loss as a saving grace

Cardano [ADA] recorded a new lowest realized value as indications of being an undervalued asset reappeared. According to Santiment, ADA last recorded such in January 2019. Interestingly, the ADA price doubled after the 2019 low position.  📊 #Cardano now sits at its lowest relative position compared to its realized value since Jan, 2019. This is … Read more

ADA’s latest development may be evidence that it would stop at nothing in 2022

The Cardano Foundation may be giving a sneak-peak into what’s next for the blockchain only a few weeks after the successful rollout of the Vasil hard fork. The Cardano Foundation, on 18 October, tweeted about Cardano Ballot. This is a decentralized application (dApp) for voting that is in the works.  Although the dApp is being … Read more

ADA may be due for a trend reversal but these indicators may restrict a bull run 

Cardano [ADA] has been a hot topic for a few weeks now especially after it rolled out the Vasil hard fork. However, the coin struggled to climb the ladder lately as it registered negative 13% growth in the last seven days. This was quite alarming for investors. Interestingly, Input Output Global recently posted a tweet … Read more

Cardano surpasses BTC, ETH on this front; can ADA keep up with the pace

Ghost chain– the presence of FUD around these was noted in various stages of Cardano [ADA]. Despite significant upgrades, such censures continue to see new faces. But was it time for such narratives to stop? ______________________________________________________________________________________ Here’s AMBCrypto’s Price Prediction for Cardano [ADA] for 2023-24 ______________________________________________________________________________________ From this to that Two weeks after the Vasil … Read more

Is ADA getting in the way of Cardano’s latest progress report? Here’s speculating  

An update on the development of the Cardano [ADA] network was recently tweeted by Input Output Global (IOG). This update included some of the latest developments on the Cardano network. Some important statistics and information about planned and implemented updates were also present.  ICYMI: Our weekly #Cardano development update is live on #EssentialCardano! Check out … Read more

Cardano Sees Effect of Upgrade, Adds Over 100 Smart Contracts

Cardano: The effects of the Vasil upgrade are already showing, with the blockchain adding 100 new smart contracts in the two weeks since it completed the hard fork.  The network’s upgrade helped improve its smart contract capabilities and scalability. With 100 new smart contracts, the upgrade appears to live up to its billing. Available data … Read more