Attention Cardano investors! Relief squad ADA is not too far away

The Cardano [ADA] rollercoaster this week has reached another high on 27 August after the latest update on Vasil adoption. According to Pool Tool, 69% of Cardano’s staking pool operator nodes have adopted the latest v1.35.3. However, the community is still waiting for at least 6% more to kickstart Vasil implementation. Interestingly, the week got … Read more

Analyst on Cardano: You have to be very careful of that

Cardano has been a consistently trending altcoin for a while now. Reasons can range from the coin being a potential “Ethereum killer” to different upgrades that contribute to the network’s growth. But when its recent price movement is taken into consideration, the story somewhat changes. Crypto Capital Ventures analyzed Cardano and described how the coin … Read more