ADA holders perplexed as network clings to ‘hard work’ narrative with new…

Cardano’s promise of being ‘The DeFi Chain’ is nothing new under the sun, however, this promise may not be fulfilled anytime soon. Now, while the Cardano community is busy trying luck in the DeFi game, Cardano seems to be losing its faithful long-term investors. Cardano and long-term holders Cardano’s investors have been very loyal to … Read more

Will Cardano’s ‘Project Catalyst’ save ADA from the market’s friction

Cardano Foundation has been an active member of the Cardano community participating in making the blockchain a thriving and leading DeFi ecosystem. As reported by AMBCrypto, Cardano finished its voting on the Project Catalyst Fund seven back in March, and the community is now beginning to vote on Fund eight. Cardano takes the next step … Read more

Cardano: With whales accumulating, is ADA being set up for a pump-and-dump

In an interesting development, Cardano holders with a supply of 10 million+ ADA have suddenly noticed a spike. The number of addresses in this cohort has risen by 12 within the last two weeks, which means that altogether this group of investors has now added at least 120 million ADA more to its stash and… … Read more

Cardano: Analyzing ADA’s case as an excellent multibagger candidate

Cardano, over the weeks, has motivated and destroyed investors’ dreams alike as the coin almost shot up by 55% a few weeks ago, and now it is back to where it was two months ago. However, there are now some indications of tides changing in favor of the altcoin. Cardano to start rallying again? According … Read more

Had Cardano whales already predicted April’s 30% dip? Data reveals…

Cardano’s snags do not seem to be coming to an end soon. Ever since the altcoin rallied back in March, it was expected to draw in more investors and money as the market entered the second quarter. However, the beginning of the second quarter went in another direction as, since the beginning of April, Cardano … Read more

These signs indicate that Cardano can make a strong come-back 

After a dry September, as the market opened on a high note in Q4, most of the top altcoins gained momentum on the back of Bitcoin‘s gains. However, Cardano which has been surprising the market participants over the last quarter with its independent trajectory and new price all-time highs seemed to take a slower recovery … Read more