Considering Cardano’s performance, it is ideal to wait for this to happen before investing

Once the third biggest cryptocurrency, Cardano‘s recent performance turned out to be far below expectations,  to say the least. As the month of November is nearly over and so is 2021, looking at the market doesn’t reveal a rosy picture for Cardano, in fact far from it. To choose or not to choose Cardano? Cardano … Read more

Will Cardano push past this phase to see greener pastures

Cardano was in a state of euphoria for most parts this year. In fact, the hype around smart contracts was such that it led to the altcoin rising by 185% in 2 months, which marked the new all-time high. However, this month particularly has been disappointing and it is now turning harmful for investors.  Cardano … Read more

Cardano must remain above this level to revive from current lows or else…

Cardano, following the lead of Bitcoin and Ethereum was falling today. In fact, in some ways, the third-generation coin has been following the second-generation coin. ADA’s price movement has been imitating ETH’s price action. It is important to consider what this means for the investors. We know they are hit by losses but how bad … Read more