Cardano: Analyzing ADA’s case as an excellent multibagger candidate

Cardano, over the weeks, has motivated and destroyed investors’ dreams alike as the coin almost shot up by 55% a few weeks ago, and now it is back to where it was two months ago. However, there are now some indications of tides changing in favor of the altcoin. Cardano to start rallying again? According … Read more

Cardano, its whales, and what they can do to push it to $1

After its month-long movement under the line, Cardano is now getting back up closer towards the $1-mark. Having depreciated significantly over the last few months, ADA was trading at $0.905 at press time. Even so, optimism remains high, especially since the altcoin recovered by 12.87% over the last 4 days.  Cardano candles turn green In … Read more

Cardano needs to break this resistance to ensure recovery and surge ahead

Cardano has just the opportunity to either justify the rising hopes of its investors as they stand hopeful for much-needed relief. Or it could fail to do so and go back to disappointing. The difference is of just a line and Cardano’s closing position today will determine its performance tomorrow. Cardano is back After being … Read more

What Cardano needs to continue making gains

The most awaited event of the year is about to take place as the Cardano Alonzo hard fork is close to being activated. The arrival of smart contracts on the Cardano network will be the first step in a huge overturn in the market. If it delivers as per expectations it will send shockwaves across … Read more

Cardano needs this to sustain its rally to $3 and beyond

Cardano is on a roll when it comes to “successful rallies” and the altcoin has been making substantial gains. Last month, the coin established new all-time highs and less than 3 days ago it breached $3. Now that the coin has become the third biggest cryptocurrency, all sights are on it. So amidst this anticipation, … Read more

Cardano’s ‘clear path’ to the $5: Here are the terms and conditions

Cardano has without a doubt been the star gainer of this rally, registering more than 47% weekly gains at press time. Its native token, ADA, may finally have market monopoly as it made its way to the fourth-ranked alt. Better the status, more the expectations, and higher the anticipation, and this was the case with Cardano … Read more

Cardano could ‘once again blast off’ when THIS happens

Cardano made a good 5% jump after the announcement of its addition to Grayscale’s portfolio. But all this bullish chaos did not dictate the price movement since within the last week ADA fell by almost 10%. Which brings us to the question – Will Cardano ever be as huge as its competitors? Should you expect … Read more

3 things you need to know about the Cardano vs Ethereum race

The fast-growing Cardano ecosystem is rewarding for users since it is possible to use rewards and incentives earned on Cardano to buy other assets within the ecosystem. From AMM, liquidity, IDO to lending and borrowing, there are several assets for traders to hold their assets in. Source: Twitter 1.Hodler pattern While most altcoins attempted to … Read more

Cardano’s rally: These significant factors will take the alt down this road

After hitting new ATH and the trade volume increasing several times over the past few weeks, ADA’s funding rate is still relatively low based on data from the chart of 8-hour funding rate. ADA is not over-leveraged just yet and there is room for vertical growth in price, without a significant risk of liquidations and … Read more