CARDS LP Migration Update

CardStarter · Follow Feb 22 · 2 min read Dear CardStarter Community, As we prepare to migrate the CARDS-ETH LP that has been committed to the migration contract, the CardStarter team would like to share the distribution list for the CARDS pair. Click Here For the Distribution List, which outlines the following information for all … Read more

As this feud writes next chapter, Hoskinson has a warning for Cardano builders

If there’s one thing Satoshi Nakamoto doesn’t have to worry about, it’s getting snitch tagged when diverse actors building on the Bitcoin blockchain get into fights. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson who had to step in to comment on the ongoing spat between the Cardano DEX SundaeSwap and project incubator CardStarter. … Read more

How to Participate in the Lockness IDO

CardStarter Just now·3 min read Lockness x CardStarter Registration The registration window will be open for 72 hours, from January 4th @ 7am PST/3:00pm UTC to January 7th @ 7am PST/3:00pm UTC Step 1 — Staking To register for Lockness you must have a qualifying number of CARDS staked. The linear bracket will begin at … Read more

CARDS, GERO, and C3 Migration Incentives

CardStarter Just now·2 min read The CARDS, GERO, and C3 Migration Contract Is Live LP providers that commit to migrating either their CARDS, C3, or GERO LP pairs from the ETH to ADA will have the opportunity to take part in an additional 100mil CSWAP worth of benefits. This rewards pool will be calculated following … Read more

CSWAP Mining And Migration Incentives

CardStarter Just now·2 min read Migration Incentives for LP Providers Dear CardStarter Community, The teams at CardStarter, Gero, and Charli3 have appreciated the ongoing support from our dedicated LP Providers since the inception of CSWAP mining. CSWAP is nearing 300,000,000 total tokens mined over the past 6 months, which means the mining phase of CSWAP … Read more

Cardstarter Launches ITSMYNE

CardStarter Just now·3 min read Cardstarter will launch the ITSMYNE collectibles platform IDO CardStarter, the world’s premier incubator, launchpad, and insurance program for Cardano projects, will launch the IDO for ITSMYNE, a social platform where retail users, regardless of previous crypto experience, can buy officially licensed digital collectibles directly from athletes, sports teams, movie stars, … Read more

CardStarter Tiers — V6

Revised Participation Requirements for CardStarter IDOs CardStarter Just now·2 min read Soon CARDS holders can upgrade their allocation size incrementally, without restrictive gaps between tiers! What’s New Moving Forward? ***Please Note: These changes will come into effect AFTER the Ridotto IDO. The tier structure in effect for Ridotto’s IDO can be found HERE.*** With the … Read more