8 Tips to Succeed at Google Hash Code

Thousands of developers all over the world will take part in Google Hash Code. During the four-hour-long contest, they will solve an optimization assignment by Google in teams of two to four. They can code in almost any programming language they prefer.  It’s very prestigious to make it to the final round. And Central Europe’s … Read more

Charli3 Developer Updates

Charli3 ·Just now — — 10/04/2021 — — Finished Kicked off audit process Finished work on iteration 3 Added on-the-fly configuration of aggregator parameters In progress Examine transaction size maximums per-block Implement minimum-UTXO-ADA handling for UTXOs Implementing add/remove additional Charli3 nodes to aggregator

Why smart contracts aren’t so smart

Full transcript of this episode is available here. After a basic introduction to the crypto world and an explanation of its most-used terms, we are here again for a second crypto episode! David Stancel, our cryptocurrency expert here at Vacuumlabs, and CTO at Fumbi, returned to join Banking on Air host Helene Panzarino. This time, they … Read more

EMURGO’s and Vacuumlabs’ success in delivering Yoroi crypto wallet

Full transcript of this episode is available here. From a passion project to a secure crypto wallet with 170k+ downloads! When Vacuumlabs developers created a web version of a crypto wallet for the Ada cryptocurrency — the currency associated to Cardano — in their free time, they had no idea about the success it would bring. After … Read more