Apple Blocks NFT Transfers From Coinbase Wallet App on iOS

Coinbase has stopped NFT transfers from its wallet app on iOS after being left with no choice by Apple. The US-based crypto exchange made the announcement via a tweet on December 1, citing Apple’s unreasonable demands for the decision.    The exchange claims that Apple blocked its latest app release until it disabled the NFT transfer … Read more

Coinbase has 4 million people on its waitlist

Coinbase is finalizing plans to float its NFT marketplace, and the company currently has over 4 million people on a waitlist for its upcoming platform Coinbase NFT Marketplace Coinbase is one of the most significant crypto marketplaces, and with a company of this size, it’s only natural that when they enter the NFT space, they … Read more

Coinbase is almost ready to launch its NFT marketplace

Coinbase has been teasing the proposed launch of its new NFT platform for a while, and after an extended waiting period, we have concrete news from the company Coinbase: Better late than never Coinbase is one of the most significant players in the Fintech space, and in October 2021, the company shared plans to enter … Read more