OccamX Unveils Cardano DEX Demo — With Working Solution for Concurrency

Occam_PR Oct 4 · 3 min read The following article is a press release for the OccamX DEX — A full article for our community will be available tomorrow, follow our Medium to stay up to date! OccamX, one of the first decentralized exchanges built for the Cardano ecosystem, has unveiled its first OccamX DEX … Read more

Solving What Satoshi Couldn’t Solve

Charles Hoskinson recently said that concurrency, and smart contracts on a UTXO model, was the problem ‘Satoshi couldn’t solve’. Here, we look at the history behind this decade-old debate. Occam_PR Sep 6 · 14 min read September 12th is going to be an eventful day in the cryptocurrency industry. It will turn what was supposed … Read more